What you talking about, Nancy?

Nancy Pelosi is telling me that the President has pursued a go-it-alone policy.

What cave has she been in? Seriously.

“America must be a light to the world. Not just a missile.”? She’s struggling.

Democrats have a better way to ensure our security. She wants to inspect 100% of the containers coming into the country. I agree. What’s the price tag on that, Nancy? What if Bush said we need to inspect 100% of the containers? She’d insist there just isn’t money.

Is someone screwing with the teleprompter? What the hell is wrong with her? I’m no fan of hers. At all. But watch her and listen to her, then tell me that Bush isn’t a good speaker.

Daschle is definitely much more smooth.

He’s talking about the millions of jobs lost since Bush took office.

Let’s see. In January of 2001, there were 137,700,000 people working. In December of 2003 there were 138,479,000 people working. The jobless recovery has almost 800,000 more jobs than before. Fact.

And this doesn’t count the self-employed.

What’s happened, of course, is that job growth hasn’t kept up with population growth. Why is the problem Bush’s economic policy and not the rampant reproduction of American citizens?

I’m just asking.

UPDATE: All Agitprop agrees about Pelosi. Remember, this is the woman who claimed that the illegal immigrants arrested at Wal-Mart had been “terrorized.”