Veterans Day

Americans owe an awful lot to our veterans. So do others around the world. Thank a couple today. Murdoc will be.

Meanwhile, a little graphic I came up with a couple years back continues to get a lot of attention, bringing in tons of search engine traffic and clicks from emails. I’m taking it that it’s appreciated, so I’ll post it once again:

Veterans Day Courage D-Day

A lot of our allies have Remembrance Day, Armistice Day, and maybe other special days today. Though I’m understandably biased, there is no shortage of courage in the veterans of other nations, too.

And on this week of the 20th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall, it’s important to note that the vets who didn’t serve during a shooting war were performing the mission, too.

Thank-you all.

UPDATE: Murdoc’s been remiss about blogging the Valour-IT drive. Got a couple extra bucks? Support our guys who are doing the heavy lifting.

Also, the Smithsonian Channel has a new six-part documentary premiering tonight: Apocalypse: The Second World War

Here’s the trailer:


  1. A little belatedly, nonetheless;………A big THANKS to all you former and current vets! My work overseas the last two tours, has priviledged me to work with a variety of military personnel from all the services, and given me an even more real appreciation for the very high level of professionalism and dedication shown by them. As a contractor………I frequently envy some of the resources and capabilities they have, but there’s no way I’d want to endure some of the conditions and institutional crap most of them endure every day. Truly a great bunch of Americans!

    WWII Vets……….what can I say, they are the greatest generation in my non objective eyes (mostly due to my parents and their peers); they gave my generation the best period of freedom ever known.

    Korean and Nam Vets……didn’t get the respect or recognition they deserved for decades; got on with their lives anyway, held their heads up (deservedly), and got on with their lives! Thanks for all you did………and It’s great you’re fianlly getting some of the sunshine you always deserved!

  2. November 11th is also Polish Independence Day, recognized as the resuurection of the Polish state after over a century of imperial partition by Russia, Prussia, and Austria. Didn’t last long before being consumed again by Germans and Russians.

    You want to talk to people who take their statehood, borders, and ownership of private property seriously talk to Poles.

    Hey, thank a Polish vet on the 11th- it’s a two-fer!

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