Hartford Leadership to Blame for Collision

Report: Lax leadership led to Hormuz collision

An informal atmosphere — along with crew complacency, a “weak” command and inferior submariner skills — are named as contributors to the March 20 collision between the attack submarine Hartford and the amphibious transport dock New Orleans in the Strait of Hormuz.

And according to a heavily redacted 102-page Judge Advocate General Manual investigation obtained by Navy Times through a Freedom of Information Act request, what turned into a major embarrassment for the submarine fleet was entirely “avoidable.”

No blame lies with the crew of the USS New Orleans according to the report.

Pictures of the damaged sub here.


  1. You really can’t blame the crew for this incident, no matter how you spin it.

    If the crew were well-trained personnel with high competency and good character, it was the fault of their leadership for driving them into this.

    If the crew was lousy, it’s STILL the fault of their leadership, for not ensuring that only good-quality people were in charge of a $1 Billion, nuclear-powered warship.

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