Palin on Newsweek Cover

Palin angered by ‘sexist’ Newsweek cover

Though Murdoc thinks this is just another example of how shallow and entertainment-driven the news media has become, I wonder if Newsweek’s attempt to marginalize Palin with this (if that was their intent) doesn’t net her MORE fans in the end.

When I saw the headline my initial thought was “If she doesn’t want pictures like that, why’d she pose for them?” But then I saw the photo, and immediately realized it was from the Runner’s World story on her last year.

For the record, Murdoc would be lukewarm toward Palin as a presidential candidate if she threw her hat into the ring today. I think she’s got a lot to prove. But I’m also not buying the idea that she’s hurting the GOP. At least not hurting the GOP any more than the GOP hurts itself already.


  1. Sarah Palin frightens the bejeebus out of anyone from the center to left. Thus, the constant and unflinching attacks upon her.

    AP put a team of 11 “fact-checkers” on her book. Obama’s book?

    (sound of crickets chirping)

    The left knows that Palin puts the lie to all their concepts and they cannot allow her to succeed.

    Right now, she’s the ONLY candidate I will cast a vote for in 2012.

  2. Frankly, the fact that the party that has Ron Paul as a member gives more attention to Palin only shows how close the party is to intellectual bankruptcy.

  3. Notice how her Blue Star flag for Track has been buried behind the cover text.

    As for Palin as a political entity, I subscribe to the belief that the more they smear her, the more they fear her.

  4. Well, Bob Dull is still around and I’m sure he still thinks it is “his turn”. Or we could run McCain again. After all, the dimorats say conservatives need to be more like liberals to get elected. As to Ron Paul, yes, he is a nut. But then, he is in Congress. And you are where?

  5. The Republicans are still a political party? And here I thought they were a clown party.

    Clearly Michael Steele and the RNC don’t get it. While they sit around trying to decide which old fart’s turn it is to run for President next, they have over 70% of their base saying they are out of touch. Duuh!! What part of out of touch don’t they understand?

    The Republicans need a real, fresh infusion of new, younger blood, and they need to stop feeding their young to a bunch of old party hacks.

    They other thing the RNC needs to look at is the reality of their base. Trying to play to the moderate independents just pisses their base off, and when that happens they stay home and don’t vote. They need to secure their base first, before looking to woo independents. Until they do they will only be known as “The party out of power.”

  6. Oh, two other things:

    What happened to the “Party of Reagan?”

    And, Sarah Palin has a nice set of legs! Great picture!

  7. As a resident of the state she once governed I will state I had some problems with a couple of her major decisions. That aside there’s not much else out there at the moment that would make a better choice. Best thing I can say about Ron Paul, put a clown suit on him so he can figure out his natural skill set. His illogical and two faced life style make him a prime example of why libertarians will never become a serious political party.

    We’ll see how it plays out. Someone will step up to captivate the dissatisfied republican base. With some train up Palin could possibly fill that role. Hell as POTUS she would still be better than Obie despite his OJT time. But then that would probably be true of any random selection from a phone book.

  8. Palin would be EXCELLENT as President. The Dems in Congress hate her so much that they would knee-jerkingly vote against every law she tried to create. In the end, no laws would be passed for 4 or 8 years. In my opinion, that would be awesome. We’ve already got way too many laws on the books.

  9. We, the conservative independents, who will not vote for a DimDem or a RINO, need to get out and vote anyway, even if it is a write-in.
    Then, when the talking heads and pundents count up all the votes cast, and the Country-Club RINOs realize how many they DIDN’T get, they MIGHT wake up.

    But I doubt it.

  10. 1. If that picture angers her, she needs to give a grip on reality.

    2. This Agnostic Atheist Activist says there are many times worse than her and, I would vote for her over them any day.

  11. “Frankly, the fact that the party that has Ron Paul as a member gives more attention to Palin only shows how close the party is to intellectual bankruptcy.”

    Versus the party of Joe “Six IQ” Biden? Barack “57 states” Obama? John “I was for it before I was against it” Kerry, Ronald “The Constitution says we can do anything” Burris…it’s painful to go on.

    Obama needed the entire Lame Stream Media, the entire entertainment industry, all the labor mafias and George Soros’ illegal foreign contributions carrying him over the finish line.

    Palin was supposed to be hamstrung in the governor’s office by the false ethics complaints. So she quit, disarming the attackers. Sun Tzu would be proud. That was supposed to mean she was done because she was a quitter. Instead she quietly kept in the public eye via Facebook while she wrote a book. She now has favorables higher than Obama. She’s countered every effort to marginalize her…from her kitchen, with a staff of Tod.

    Tell me again how she lacks intellectual weight?

  12. News Flash prediction from Toejam:

    FACT: Opra Winfrey announced she’ll end her 25-year long show in 2011.

    PREDICTION: Just in time to have President Obama declare Opra will be his running mate.

    Obama will dump useless whitey Biden for:

    1) A FEMALE

    Shrewd move Messiah!

  13. I’ve never got why the Tovarish’s get so cranked up over Palin. All it is… free PR for her. The worse thing they could do to her is to completely ignore her. Morons.

    She seemed credible enough as Governor to me. Sure she’s light on experience to run for VP or the top slot……who but a Tovarish falling all over Mr. 147 Days In The Senate, wouldn’t be smart enough to NOT crticise her for that? LOL!

    What a laugh……the New Messiah was a far left community organiser, then spent part of two years in the Senate before being swept into office due to the brilliance of G.W and the neo cons. The guy (Obama) is photogenic and articulate. His record on the economy is pure far left and shows no originality or management skill at all, His record on foreign affairs shows him as disingenuous, the best president our enemies ever had, and a ditherer.

    While I’m not a Palin fan…….I just can’t figure how anyone from the left can criticise her for experience or capability.

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