‘Enemy Camp’

Every time hardcore Righties probably feel the need to manufacture lies about what lunatic Lefties said, Chris Matthews’ show is on and he saves them the trouble.

He called West Point an “enemy camp.”

Game-winning shot at The Corner:

Chris, he’s commander-in-chief.

Chris Matthews, still a suspected Karl Rove plant.


  1. Well, in both Chris and Obama’s defense, that is for all intents and purposes “the enemy camp” when it comes to feelings about the military, its uses, and the people in it. He’s just being honest about it.

    Just don’t question their patriotism.

  2. p.s. There’s another video of Obama speaking in front of a crowd of I think Marines. You’ve probably seen it, contrasting to a similar speech that Bush gave in the same venue. The difference in reception between the two is obvious. So from a strictly image making standpoint, Obama probably doesn’t help himself by doing these appearances since he aways comes across as such a fish out of water. But then, he could also do some things to make the military community feel more confident in his leadership too.

  3. Mathews: “I didn’t see a lot of warmth in the crowd out there!”


    They’re MARINES, Mr. Mathews — they’re SUPPOSED to stay frosty!

  4. @ Blacktail:

    I assume you’re referring to the vid? If I’m not mistaken they’re cadets. And even as cadets, they can’t show any partisanship while in uniform, like I was told in Army ROTC.

  5. It was more than that Blacktail. My 20 years in the Corps taught me how to spot bullshit no matter how high it was stacked. Marines know a fraud when they see one, and can usually recognize when they are being lied to.

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