Truman’s Island

Nice high-res photo of USS Harry S. Tuman’s (CVN 75) island superstructure. Very cool.


  1. WHERE did the comments which were here go?

    There WERE three of them and my comment below (which I tried to post at various times before only to have my WebTV turned off) is information one of those who had replied may find helpful.

    Well “Old Retired Petty Officer” IF I had kidney cancer, you can bet your sweet bippy I would be drinking more than the two ounces of Noni a day than I drink now. After my drinking and learning about Noni for over twelve years, I am positive
    Noni WOULD really help you.

    You can buy one of the other over 300 brands now on the market due to the success of the brand I drink. IF I could not get ours, I would go to Cosco and drink theirs or one from a health food store.

  2. I have not deleted any comments from this post. Yours was the first.

    Neil: Do NOT post about that Noni drink or whatever it is again unless my post is about that specific product and asks for feedback.

    If another person asks for information on it, ignore them. If you post a response about it I will delete it and ban you.

    Others: I know it is going to sorely tempt some of you, but do not ask Neil to post information about it.

  3. well Murdoc,



    2. They explained, among other things, different makings on the superstructure of the ship.

    3. IF you will notice, I do NOT ask people to buy Noni from me or to even use the the brand I drink and use topically. I simply inform them such a MIRACLE exists as I do not want people to SUFFER NEEDLESSLY AND/OR TO DIE PREMATURALY!

    From your response, IT SEEMS YOU DO NOT CARE IF THEY DO OR NOT!

  4. Neil: No previous comments had been posted to this post. I checked the database to be sure, which tracks deleted and moderated posts as well as published ones. So I don’t know what you think you saw. Sorry.

    Re: Noni drink or supplement or whatever it is

    Bye. Save everyone a lot of trouble and don’t try to get around the ban.

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