Another Terrorist Flying into Detroit

Second man arrested on jet in Detroit
Officials say passenger on Sunday flight was ill, posed no threat

The FBI insists that he locked himself in the bathroom for an hour because he was sick.

Murdoc does not believe it for one second. Murdoc thinks the FBI is lying to us.

If Murdoc was in charge, all flights from Amsterdam into the US would be immediately banned. Planes in the air would have to divert. No passengers from Nigeria would be allowed into the US. US citizens in Nigeria would have seven days to return. That would buy time to formulate permanent responses.

Some will say that Murdoc would be overreacting. Murdoc says “overreacting” would be shooting down all flights from Amsterdam. Murdoc wouldn’t do that until there was a third incident.

These people are at war. Sooner or later, we’re going to have to start acting like we are, too.

UPDATE: Written after the first incident on Friday:

This all has a feeling of deja vu to it. We are going to spend the next days and weeks discussing all the things that we discussed eight years ago. The same stupid arguments will be made that are refuted by politically incorrect reality, but at the end, airline travel will be even more onerous, fewer will choose to fly for short trips, the airlines will take it in the shorts again (and probably need another bailout), and the incompetents at the TSA will be rewarded. We will be less free and, in that hoary old phrase, the terrorists will have won, without blowing up a single plane.


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