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Was arrest of sick man aboard plane justified, or was it overreaction?

A Nigerian businessman became ill on the flight and refused to leave the plane’s bathroom. Passengers described him as unruly and the plane’s crew contacted the necessary authorities. The man was arrested shortly after.

I would have given him two seconds to exit with hands up or had him shot dead on the spot.

If he took three seconds to exit, I would have had him shot dead on the spot.

If he exited the bathroom suspiciously, say with hands not up, I would have had him shot dead on the spot.

If he acted in any way “unruly” after exiting, I would have had him shot dead on the spot.

His arrest is a sign that we will continue to under-react. The only reason previous under-reactions didn’t cost us big on Friday was because that idiot didn’t build a good bomb. Or, maybe more likely, he didn’t do a good job putting it together on the plane. If he had taken one extra second, maybe he would have seen the problem and fixed it before hitting the button.

UPDATE: Fighting a war with police officers and lawyers:

But the [Dec. 25] terrorist will be convicted at trial (this “case” tees up like a slam-dunk), so the administration will put it in the books as a success … just like the Clinton folks did after the ‘93 WTC bombers and the embassy bombers were convicted. In their minds, litigation success equals national security success.

It is a dangerously absurd viewpoint, but it was clear during the campaign that it was Obama’s viewpoint. The American people — only seven years after 9/11 — elected him anyway.


  1. So, say somebody gets food poisoning on a flight and has bad stomach cramps and has to continually use the bathroom. What exactly are they supposed to do, especially if they have to stay in their seat for the last hour of the flight?

    This is all security theater after all, since we’ve seen proof time and time again that all these rules don’t actually stop attacks, since they’re always aimed at the last tactic instead of the next one. Is it really worth making a sick person’s life hell for this?

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