Fire Janet Napolitano Now

Fire Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano.

Nothing that anyone in the US government says about anything related to security can be taken at all seriously until she is kicked out on the street.

Fire her immediately.

Fire Janet Napolitano Now

Fire Janet Napolitano Now

She shouldn’t be fired because a terrorist almost blew up an airliner on Friday. She should be fired because she says “the system is working.” She went on national television and told America that everything is under control.

If the system was working, a terrorists would not have almost blown up an airliner on Friday.

A couple of hours after she reassured everyone, another guy from the same place on the same flight locked himself in the bathroom and then became “unruly.” Instead of shooting him they arrested him.

Fire Janet Napolitano. Until they do, nothing the Federal government says about security can be taken seriously.

UPDATE: “Janet, You’re Doin’ A Heck of A Job”


  1. Her giving the old “nothing to see here, keep moving” speech is par for the course. Casey did the same thing with the fort Hood shooter. The tragedy for him wasn’t that he killed a bunch of people, but that his actions might lead people to suspect that Muslims might sometimes be terrorists. That would be terrible for diversity! That public officials are pressured to be PC and hide political weaknesses is not news, not that it makes it any more acceptable.

    The fact that she is an idiot with no idea what the actual dangers to this country are and seems to be incapable of making informed decisions to that effect is a good enough reason to fire her for me. Are we still spying on our ex-service men and women to make sure they don’t all join up with those shadowy Militias and blow the country up? As long as they are white males, preferably Christian it is OK. Just don’t accuse that brooding Muslim that tells everyone that Jihad against the Great Satan is the duty of all Muslims of any ill intent. You might trigger a hearing on the Hill.

  2. If you look at Janet’s end of 2009 speech on the DHS website, you will see that 99.9% of her efforts have been with things other than fighting terror. She’s been extending the scope of her office and worrying about moving more minorities up the ranks. Meanwhile, she’s not done well the main task that her position is charged with.
    This is a horrible appointment by a horrible President.
    And Janet is doing a horrible job.

  3. Secretary Napolitano frequent statements on national security are certainly some of the most egregious examples of “smooth the waters” pablum this Administrration seems to think is a viable substitute for the open and honest discussion of the many serious issues Obama claimed would discussed openly and honestly, back before he knew he had the job.

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