MO enjoyed its biggest day of traffic by far yesterday.

Last 20 DaysUnique Visitors
  04 Jan, Sun    159  
  05 Jan, Mon    175  
  06 Jan, Tue    182  
  07 Jan, Wed    186  
  08 Jan, Thu    234  
  09 Jan, Fri    191  
  10 Jan, Sat    186  
  11 Jan, Sun    174  
  12 Jan, Mon    227  
  13 Jan, Tue    237  
  14 Jan, Wed    189  
  15 Jan, Thu    275  
  16 Jan, Fri    190  
  17 Jan, Sat    205  
  18 Jan, Sun    213  
  19 Jan, Mon    224  
  20 Jan, Tue    250  
  21 Jan, Wed    239  
  22 Jan, Thu    513  
  23 Jan, Fri    139  

I realize that many may find these numbers insignificant, but I averaged between 35 and 40 unique views per day for the six months ending on 12/31/03. The 513 I had yesterday would have been, by a fair amount, the busiest WEEK in the history of this site before 2004.

In addition to a growing number of regular readers, yesterday brought a number of links from other sites:

Thanks to all who linked, read, and commented. It’s very rewarding.


  1. Actually, the thanks should go to you. Between your sense of humour and the information you convey it’s always a pleasure to read your blog.

  2. I keep telling my readers that they’re missing out if they don’t read MO every freakin’ day. It looks like they don’t listen too good. Oy vey! What’s a blog author to do? I type and I type and they don’t take my advice. It’s enough to make me wanna plotz. And listen to Debbye. Debbye is wise. (I’m bettin’ she’s also a babe, but I can’t find any pics on her blog to prove it.) James