The new Samarra

Iraq Operations In Tikrit Area Of Iraq

Chuck Simmons points out the Combined Joint Task Force 7 briefing yesterday. Among the excerpts he noted:

And in fact, we’ve been extremely successful in Samarra. We conducted an operation in December, and we are now turning that back over to the police and the ICDC. And in
fact, it’s a different city than it was 45 days ago. So we have broken up. I believe there’s probably still one cell, small cell operating out of Samarra.

Hmmm. Who was operating in the Samarra region beginning about 45 days ago?

Oh! I know! It was the Stryker Brigade.

I was just telling someone yesterday who has relations in the brigade that they have performed brilliantly so far. Samarra was pretty rough when they pulled into town. It’s pretty quiet now. I guess we’ll have to see if the Iraqis can keep things running smoothly, but this is a win for the US and a feather in the hat of the new Stryker unit.

Great work, Stryker Brigade!


  1. Hey man, I was in Samarra for the last year. I was not very impressed from the get go with the Stryker BD. The vehicle ain’t all it’s cracked up to be. The troops were great and performed to a T, but the vehicles sucked. Two were dropped in the canal and soldiers drowned because they couldn’t get out. They’re unstable and too long to take advantage of increased manuverability in the city. Of course this is coming from a die hard tanker, but then again I don’t like stuff that doesn’t stop RPGs!