Watching a Liberal Teacher Indoctrinate Youth

From A Conservative Teacher:

The class began with students being given an article by a very liberal slanted New York Times columnist named Garry Wills. The topic of the article was about how George Bush has destroyed our economy and country, and that the best hope for America is to support the Democrats agenda without question or thought.

At no other time were any other articles assigned on this issue, and at no time was any other viewpoint presented by the teacher to the students…

After reading the article, the teacher then asked the class to talk about the arguments put forth by the author and discuss why they were true and what implications they have for the future of America.

Two words: Home School.

Or even one word: Homeschool.

Yes, I know that homeschooling isn’t an option for everyone, and I know that some people aren’t up to it or just plain don’t want to. I also believe that this example, assuming it’s an accurate telling, is not the standard in America’s classrooms. But I do think we’ve all seen enough extremist examples, and not all from the Leftie side, to warrant extreme skepticism of the US educational system.

Meanwhile: The 209th Carnival of Homeschooling.


  1. Homeschooling isn’t always a possibility for everyone- just know what you are getting into, that’s all. On my blog I have dozens of stories from several different schools I’ve been in, and they are all quite fasinating examples of the liberal bias in education.

  2. Murdoc, that may not be the standard in American Classrooms, but liberal slant of some sort is. I graduate high school in the mid 90’s and it was the same then as it is now. I was a-political at that age, and automatically assumed Clinton was a good president, AW bans were good, etc. The people who taught me all seemed to think so, and my parents didn’t shove politics on me. Not to say these teachers were bad people. I’d say I received a decent education there, and respected most of my educators. But only one teacher ever stressed the importance of critical thinking, and that ALL human sources are biased to some degree. And to his credit, I could never guess what side of the political spectrum that teacher might fall on.

    It was only after graduating, and getting into some of the issues on my own that I realized I wasn’t that person at all, and that most of my teachers were full of group-think crap.

  3. I home school my youngest. She was in the Gifted & talented program all through elementary school. She went to the Middle School, and when I met her teachers, reviewed their lesson plans and their overall strategy, I had no choice but to pull her out of there.

    Her Middle School is fully unionized, and anti-American, full-on socialist indoctrination. They start classes an hour late every Wednesday, so the teachers can have a group meeting. After that meeting, the kids are mustered in their home rooms, then break into groups of 10 students to one “facilitator”. In those groups, they discuss such things as how everyone is doing, do their parents fight? Does anyone in your family own a gun? Does your mother or father drink alcohol? These are actual questions my daughter was asked.

    This sort of stuff is going on in EVERY school, and since Obama’s election, the Teacher’s Unions have felt themselves to have a mandate to push their leftist agenda.

    Fortunately, where I live, there is a LARGE homeschool group, and I know it’s successful, because the Teacher’s Union is fighting tooth & nail to stop them.

    But for anyone who can, pull your kids and home school them. It may be the last chance we have to save our Republic, and give a real education to our children.

  4. Nander:

    I know what you meant. A-political during my middle school years.

    Then 9/11 happened. I started getting into arguments with the goth kids who had ‘Bush Lied, People Died’ bumper stickers on their binders. My political awareness took off and to the right at that time. By junior year, I encountered the same teacher you described, AP US History, who encouraged, well, required we go to other sources and then analyze it. I guess it depends on the school, because a majority of my high school teachers never pressed politics into me.

    Being in Northern Virginia, with many of my classmates having parents working in Government agencies, may had helped too.

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