Friday Linkzookery

“VIP” Treatment Under Nationalized Health Care
Nationalized health care brings all sorts of perks…as long as you have three additional insurance policies and a family member on the hospital staff to pull strings for you.

Delta CEO: Flight 253 threat despite all security
He’s unhappy that even though the airline did everything it was supposed to, its flight was still penetrated. He’s not the only one.

Corps official: Avatar ‘sophomoric’
As I said earlier (even though I think the movie is worth seeing): I do think that the political commentary takes what I had once thought had the potential to be a great film and turns it into a cool cartoon.

Man faces prison sentence for wife’s guns
Jury rules that former felon “possesses” his wife’s guns. Prison for 31 to 41 months.

Stimulus Funds Went to Nonexistent Zip Code Areas
But health care money will be handled properly.

CIA shares intelligence with climate scientists
Not sure I’m a big fan of reviving this program. If it doesn’t risk security and doesn’t interfere with real work, I guess it might be okay.

Cramped on Land, Big Oil Bets at Sea
Deepwater oil production increased 67% from 2005 to 2008.

Relic of Antarctica’s first plane found on ice-edge
Australian Douglas Mawson had hoped to make the first Antarctic flight on his 1911-1914 expedition, but wing damage relegated the plane to use as a tractor. The engine seized up and it was abandoned.

What the GOP Can Learn from a Pizza Chain
It’s okay to be “against” things, but it should be mandatory to be “for” things to get elected.

Just because you CAN…doesn’t mean you SHOULD
J-Frame with a laser. And a light. And a bayonet.

Pirate cash suspected cause of Kenya property boom
There is suspicion that some of the money that is being collected in piracy is being laundered by purchase of property in several countries.

Bad Year for Biofuel Ends on a Dour Note
Some biodiesel producers are going to go out of business now that a $1 per gallon government subsidy has expired. At some point you need to show a profit, but this is an area where I don’t mind seeing a little government spending in the near term.

2009’s Sleepy Sun Finally Woke Up in December
Sunspot activity surged in the final month of the year, which was the third-quietest on record.

10 Things Movie Theaters Won’t Tell You
I would like to see live events start showing up at theaters.

Army to Field New Pack for Afghan Ops
New “Medium Ruck” to compromise between MOLLE ruck and assault pack.

Attackers firebomb 3 churches in ‘Allah’ dispute
Upset that non-Muslims are using the word ‘Allah.’

Is spanking children OK?
Calvin College professor’s research shows adults who remember being spanked are more well-adjusted

7 Reasons to Keep Your Tyrannosaur off Crack Cocaine
Not sure how much different a crackhead tyrannosaur is from a straight tyrannosaur. (+1 for calling it a ‘tyrannosaur’ instead of a ‘T-Rex’)


  1. Good to see they are testing a new mid size ruck (assault pack is too small for a 3-day mission; large ruck is too big and bulky and hard to get equipment from) after much prodding from multiple formations. Lots of units are buying their own (Mystery Ranch, Tactical Tailor make favorites). I’m disappointed we’re designing one, though — there are plenty available commercially that are “good enough” to meet the field’s needs. Heck, a lot of units just went back to using the ALICE large ruck, which is in about the right size range.

  2. One of our local theaters simulcasted an opera event and a Glenn Beck live special last year. I read that they made money on both, so that sounds promising.

    Of course, I didn’t go. I haven’t been in a theater since 1995….

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