But the invasion of Iraq is hurting the War on Terror, isn’t it?

Living proof of al-Qaida in Iraq

And there’s no such thing as “flypaper,” either.

officials tell NBC News U.S. special forces captured a top al-Qaida leader during a raid in Iraq on Thursday.

He’s Hasan Guhl — in the top 20 of al-Qaida leaders. Called “The Gatekeeper,” he’s responsible for providing money, transportation and safe havens for al-Qaida terrorists.


In a separate raid last week, U.S. special forces netted another big catch. He’s Husam al Yemeni, also known as “Firas” — No. 2 in the terrorist group Ansar al Islam and suspected of planning and executing terrorist attacks against U.S. forces in Iraq.

He’s the deputy to Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, the head of Ansar al Islam, who has direct links to al-Qaida.

Neither of these captures proves any sort of connection between their respective groups and Saddam Hussein. Both of these captures are huge.


  1. Iraq is acting like a bug zapper in attracting the terrorists, where we can eradicate them off US soil.’ I agree, but there’s an important thing to remember here: Take a bug zapper into the woods, you’re gonna kill a LOT of bugs. Just remember how many more are out there you DIDN’T get. I think killing terrorists in Iraq are a good part of WW4 (as murdoc would say), but I would wager we accounting for a VERY, VERY small number of them world wide. Liberating Iraq is hardly going to make a dent in the current terrorist problem. What it did do was shut down one avenue for them to have made it far, far worse.

  2. That’s funny that you called Iraq a ‘bug zapper’ and not ‘flypaper.’ The other day I heard a report that Osama bin Laden apparently has told his fighters to now stay away from Iraq because they’re losing so many men. When I heard that, it occurred to me that, Iraq is not a passive place, like flypaper. It’s more like a bug zapper where bugs go to shine brightly for a short moment before falling dead. It’s like in the move ‘Bugs Life’ when a fly says to his buddy that he can’t help going toward the zapper. ‘It’s so beautiful.’ I agree that the numbers we’re taking out in Iraq are but a drop in the bucket of terrorism, but I think we’ve probably nailed many of the top 1% die-hard types that couldn’t stand to see the infidels in Mesopotamia. We’ve probably also dissuaded a large number of potential terrorists by killing and humbling so many of fundamental Islam’s most rabid loyalists. (We’ve also probably created a fair number of terrorists who want to seek revenge for fallen family or friends.)

  3. Psst. We know where a bunch of them are, or were when we started there. Afghanistan. Remember? The place we were right in going and never finished?