Taking Cover

A Marine fire team with Bravo Company, 1st Battalion, 6th Marine Regiment, takes cover after receiving simulated enemy contact

A Marine fire team with Bravo Company, 1st Battalion, 6th Marine Regiment, takes cover after receiving simulated enemy contact during a training exercise at Camp Dwyer, Afghanistan, Jan. 2. The Marines ran a platoon attack course focused on the positive identification of targets and precision fires in order to reduce the risk of civilian causalities during future operations.

From the story:

The exercise simulates a patrol taking on an enemy position without the use of indirect fire due to risk of causing civilian casualties. This in turn forces the Marines to rely on accurate small arms fire, said 1st Lt. Mark A. Greenlief, the executive officer for Bravo Company, 1/6. The purpose of the training exercise is to further develop the Marines’ ability to quickly acquire enemy targets and engage them, while minimizing the risk to civilians.

Full story and more pics: http://www.dvidshub.net/?script=news/news_show.php&id=43430


  1. Anything when they’re shooting in your direction, I guess.

    I thought the first comment was going to be “spread out, for Christ’s sake!”

  2. At one time, experienced leaders in the US military derisively branded this sort of behavior “Clusterf***ing”.

    That this sort of thing is now NORMAL in the US military is symptomatic of an exodus by experienced personnel from the military — the leaders, too (unless you consider the ANY of the highest-ranking personnel in the US military, all Olive Drab Bureaucrats, to be “leaders”).

  3. Aside from the effectiveness (or not) of the pictured tactic/s………….I appreciate the need to minimise civilian casualties, but these tactics are simply a blatant example of playing your opponents game and not your own. I always thought that was a recipe for losing, and in this case higher casualties of your own. I’m not advocating the use of indiscriminate artillery fire or bombing, but it seems pretty foolish to give up one of your best and most powerful combat options for kicking ass and taking names.

    I guess the powers (most of whom I assume are NOT in combat) have decided that pissing off our civilians (whose sons and daughters will bear the higher casualty rate) is better than pissing off their civilians.

    I hope the logical evolution of this no win mind set isn’t President Nixon (oops…….wrong Admin) ordering his Generals to avoid US casualties…………of course the lefty losers have always wanted this to be Vietnam……….

      1. I don’t think they are taking it too seriously – looks like the fire-team leader is picking his nose.

  4. That is a hand ane arm signal. It means “shoot me right here so we can end all this silliness”.

    The idea of well placed small arms fire is something the Marine Corps has taught for years though. And it is not the first time we had to go through the ringer either. A similar scenario was played out at Hue city during the Tet campaign, and a lot of Marines were killed or wounded that need not have been. How is that winning of hearts and minds working out for us I wonder?

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