Newest L85A2

Pics as the Firearm Blog.

Also: British adopting AR-10 style sharpshooter rifle by Lewis Machine & Tool.


  1. The ergonomics on that rifle look like a Hollyweird endeavor.

    Also, “improving” the L85 is a waste of time, unless you ultimately end up a totally different weapon than you started from — in which case, you should have used a different weapon to begin with.

    You can’t polish a turd.

  2. Ouch. I was able to run a single mag of ammo through one (standard L85) when I was working out of Kandahar the last time. Obviously not much of a test run for reliability or anything else………….but……….I did find the bullpup design to be very quick handling with it’s much further rear ward balance point.

    I thought the linked ACR video was much cooler. Make mine 6.8!

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