Pants on Fire

Via Confederate Yankee:

Not only is he not pushing for the negotiations to be televised on C-SPAN, he’s pushing for the negotiations to be SKIPPED. He intends to be very hands-on during what’s left of the political process.

Panic Mode appears to be set to FULL.

UPDATE: Olbermann says those who oppose ObamaCare are terrorists.

UPDATE 2: Pelosi: Lawmakers ‘Very Close’ on Health Care

So is this a reason for voters to make sure that one party NEVER EVER controls both houses of Congress and the White House at the same time? Because apparently the government can circumvent the government.

UPDATE 3: The White House refuses to discuss the broken promise to hold health care reform debates on C-SPAN.

Of course they refuse. They hoodwinked enough people into voting for them and now they don’t have to answer to anyone for a few months.


  1. Yes.. especially since no one in the Senate except Harry Reid and a couple others have actually SEEN the bill that was passed.

    Sure… let’s pass this pile of cr@p and finish wrecking what’s left of our economy.

    I swear, these idiots are acting like trailer trash that just won the lottery.

  2. I’ve brought it up here before, but saying that I’ll be able to keep my coverage is a lie.

    No employer will pay the mad premiums they are paying if they don’t have to, and if there’s a gubmint option hey- they won’t have to.

    So hello gubmint healthcare. Turn your head and cough.

  3. I’m definitely putting in for People’s Commissar for Correct Thought and Conduct (I hear it’s some sort of Czar thing with near God like powers! w00t!)

    All my feloow posters here at Mordoc’s House of Running Dog Ractionaries may rest assured I’ll do my best to get you good work details after you’re rounded up and placed in the re education camp for your own safety. .)

  4. Flanker: Do you read The People’s Cube too?

    As for Obeyme, I will not be surprised when he finally comes out and sez, “So let it be written, so shall it be done.”

  5. Nothing more dangerous than a zealot with a plan. Except maybe all three branches of the federal government with a zealous plan.

    What a railroading.

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