Friday Linkzookery

Murdoc is on the road today, but here’s a limited selection of Linkzookery.

If anyone is going to be at the 2010 SHOT Show next week in Vegas, be sure to let me know.

GPS coverage to get sharper in Afghanistan
Everywhere, actually. But will this leave the system open to trouble if an old live bird goes down and the replacement has moved?

Boeing, United Arab Emirates Announce Order for 6 C-17s
Keep the line running. I suspect that at some point we’re going to need more.

Pentagon set to issue revised tanker terms in weeks
They don’t even know what they want yet.

Two Americans Killed in Attack on CIA Base Worked for Xe
One source said that the Xe employees had been involved directly in CIA intelligence operations, rather than merely serving as security guards at the remote CIA facility.

Navy enhances warhead for Marine helicopters
Pumping up the 2.75 flechette rockets.

The mini ice age starts here
I thought this was all “settled.”

McGwire admits using steroids in 70-HR year
File this under “Least Shocking Sporting Development of the Past Decade.”

USB 3.0 Finally Arrives
10 time faster than 2.0.


  1. Interesting bit about the UAE acquiring C17s to meet their “strategic airlift needs”. Not sure to where the UAE is strategically lifting anything.

    Six C17s sounds like kind of alot for a total active force of ~50,000 guys.

  2. At least the UAE will pay for those C-17s with their own money. As far as I am concerned they can buy as many as they wish.

  3. Just thought I would chime in on the mini ice age thing.

    This is actually an Arctic Oscillation event.

    The last time this happened was *gasp* the ’70s…when ‘everyone’ was anticipating an ice age. I detect a pattern emerging.

    seperately, I thought you might be interested to hear that Avatar is being banned from theaters in China. It seems the government dislikes the hidden violent property rights vs imminent domain response message. I still haven’t seen the movie.

  4. Here’s my mini-commentary on these links;

    “GPS coverage to get sharper in Afghanistan”
    Does that mean the Taliban’s black-market GPS units will work better, too?

    “Boeing, United Arab Emirates Announce Order for 6 C-17s”
    At this rate, we maybe — just maybe — might be able to drive the C-17’s unit cost all the way down to a low, low, $1 Billion.

    “Pentagon set to issue revised tanker terms in weeks”
    My prediction; the revision will be revised, in preparation for a revision, in anticipation of another revision… etc.
    By the time they get their act together, teleportation will be as common is AAR is today.

    “Two Americans Killed in Attack on CIA Base Worked for Xe”
    If you think the outsourcing of base security and covert operations is ugly, wait until this is used as precedence to outsource the ENTIRE US military.

    “Navy enhances warhead for Marine helicopters”
    You wouldn’t believe all the people who whine at me that “Flechettes are illegal!”. From now on, a link to this article will be pert of my response.
    (Thanks, Murdoc!)

    “The mini ice age starts here”
    Feel that chill in the air? That’s Global Warming.

    “McGwire admits using steroids in 70-HR year”
    I’m not exactly an avid sports fan, but didn’t this guy admit to taking “performance-enhancing” substances before?

    “USB 3.0 Finally Arrives”
    The Blue Screen of Death will appear faster than ever before!

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