Human beings are amazing things

3-year-old survives 5 days alone

A three-year-old girl survived for five days after a car accident that killed her mother by eating crackers.

Authorities said Angel’s 44-year-old mother, Patricia Marie Emery-Wade, died in the wreck, which apparently happened the afternoon of Jan. 21 on U.S. 60 in the east-central part of the state. Officials were trying to determine whether rain or snow had been a factor.

The woman’s car hit a tree about 40 feet off the highway and 20 feet down an embankment, making it nearly impossible to see from the roadway.

They found the little girl cuddled next to her mother.

Little kids are amazing. They are capable of incredible feats of physical, mental, and emotional strength given their small size and incompleteness.

I feel terribly for this little girl, and for the mother who will never get to see the woman that her child, who is obviously strong beyond reasoning, will grow into.

And while this event is a testament to the indomitable spirit of Man, similar news can highlight the idiocy of adults who should know better.