Steyr AUG/A3

New Flat-top Steyr AUG/A3 SA USA

New Flat-top Steyr AUG/A3 SA USA

I checked this out a bit at last year’s SHOT Show (didn’t get a chance to shoot), but it’s finally shipping. More info over at
New Steyr AUG.


    1. Honestly, “the thing that goes up” is very dangerous, especially if you are refering to the forearm of a rifle. The reason? Because it can be used to go up.

  1. Just read (this PM) an evaluation on this rifle in one of the mil style gun rags. The author really liked it, very quick handling, accurate, and excellent build quality. He mentioned it came with the same translucent mags it used to come with. The only thing the author didn’t like was the very effective muzzle brake/flash hider was attached with a L hand metric thread……so other US style muzzle brakes/flash hiders, and suppressors would not be easy to attach.

    I looked at an AUG recently at a local sporting goods store………..OUCH! It was pricey conpared to many civvy M4 variants (so’s the FN FS2000 though). If I buy another mil style rifle some day……..I’m leaning towards Bushmasters ACR or a Barrett REC7 in 6.8mm (speaking of pricey).

  2. It just isn’t the same without the raised, swept-back sights —
    though on a more positive note, this has probably improved the AUG’s already excellent handling and ergonomics.

    There is, however, one majr problem with the AUG — it’s billed as a rifle designed to kill 200lb Humans, but it’s chambered in a round that was designed to kill 2lb Gophers.

  3. With due respect, i think New Flat-top Steyr AUG/A3 SA USA
    is just another rifle.May I ask what are the 3 features compared with other rifles?

    May I ask…

    Do you think it will be great if a rifle– do not need zero the rifle for life
    2.” equipped with a 1.5X optical sight with open sight backup, “,
    hidden perfectly inside the rifle handle

    3.” laser is (hidden inside)on the rifle’s forearm just beneath the shooter’s thumb.”,unlike other rifles’ laser which form a clumsy external object

    4.”extremely controllable under rapid-fire semi-automatic or when firing in full automatic”
    Welcome to a brand new world of military hard wares!

    Singapore is rearing SAR-21 bullpup rifle for home and export requirement,BY Charles Q Cutshaw ,Janes DW


    Land Sys—SAR 21 rifle

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