Clark distant third

Kerry wins big in New Hampshire

Phil Carter has some interesting thoughts on Kerry’s big win last night, especially on the Kerry vs. Clark issue:

I believe that Wes Clark essentially went down in flames when he belittled Kerry on CNN’s Larry King Live. In his conversation with Sen. Bob Dole on that program, Clark denigrated Kerry’s service as a junior officer, saying that he was a general and that this ought to count for more. Fair enough, there is a distinction between lieutenants and generals. But that’s not a favorable distinction for most veterans, who looked upwards with disdain at their generals, while they often got to know their lieutenants and captains on much more favorable terms. Clark painted himself as an elitist with this comment to the veteran community whose support he needed so badly. It doesn’t surprise me that large chunks of that group went over to the Kerry campaign.

I wrote about this here and happen to agree with Mr. Carter. I’m just saying.