‘Although it was illegal, it prevented a greater harm.’

Anti-War Demonstrators Use Unique Defense During Tacoma Trial

Two women were arrested and charged with civil disobedience after they used their bodies to try to block Stryker vehicles outside Fort Lewis in August 2008. The vehicles were returning from Iraq through the Port of Tacoma and were on their way to be repaired at Fort Lewis.

The two women, Patricia Imani and Brianna Herrera, admit that they lay in the offramp from Interstate 5 in an effort to block the Strykers.

Both women said they should be found not guilty because they had to protest and although it was illegal, it prevented a greater harm.

“We have an obligation to resist, not just a right to resist. That is what these protests have been about since we started to do the human blockades against the Strykers,” Imani said.

I’ve pointed out this jackassery a number of times over the years, including another time when the idiots were trying to prevent Strykers from returning from Iraq.

“People have been against this war for over eight years and the fact that people came out to resist these wars and take responsibility and stop the crimes of their government, those are the people who should be supported,” Herrera said.

Even if you try to translate that quote into a coherent and complete sentence, you should be left asking: Eight years?

Earth to moron: We invaded Iraq in 2003 and it’s now 2010.

Here’s her buddy:

“I think this is exciting and this enables us to show that this act of civil resistance. Breaking a lesser law is very important to uphold higher laws,” Imani said.

Murdoc wonders what these people have against complete sentences and rational statements.


  1. I’d be willing to buy both of them a one way ticket to Iraq or Afghanistan. Their zeal for justice and peace would be welcomed with open arms there, no doubt.

    My friend made the comment once that modern society is so comfortable and easy (on a historical scale), that people have to invent things to fight against, causes to take up. Not that stopping war if it is truly wrong is a bad cause, it’s just that their chosen method is so utterly worthless as to be beyond laughable. Where were all the brave dissidents in 1939 Germany that put their bodies in front of the Tiger tanks? There weren’t any, because they would have actually been in danger. If there was any real danger, these people would scatter too. That makes them pretty contemptible in my book.

    1. That’s it exactly. Whining about people and policies that are in no threat of hurting you is not bravery. If they put their money, and their ass where their mouth is, and took this kind of idealism to a place where truly bad things were happening, I might be able to dig up some respect for them. Though if they used the same tactics, not so much.

  2. I hope the Stryker drives both got medals for resisting the urge to gas it right over these losers. I doubt I’m that strong.

  3. “idiots were trying to prevent Strykers from returning from Iraq.”

    Ya know after I read the above a few times it struck me:

    They have to be blonde anti-war demonstrators!

  4. Idiocy standing on stilts on unstable ground littered with broken bottles full of fecal debris.

    Judge shouldn’t have let it fly, too bad there was precedence.

  5. As you’re all probably well aware, I’m very critical of the Stryker and the SBCTs.

    …but this is insanity! A protest against troops RETURNING from a war?


    Looks like these “protesters” have fallen off the left end.

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