Sturmgewehr MP-44


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Lots of WW2 footage. I noticed a lot of guys using a magazine hold.


  1. I guess holding it by the mag is comfortable. I know I did when ROTC went to shoot…then was told to hold the thing properly or redo the already annoying as hell Quantico land nav course.

    1. Th M16 tends to jam even more often when you put pressure on the mag. I guess the Krauts didn’t have that problem.

  2. Leave it to the Germans.

    As usual they were the firstest with the bestest in military hardware.

    Looks like ole Mickey Kalashnikov was a copycat!

  3. Incredible how it got right in two aspects better than the the M16 did. First it had a 30 round mag since the beginning, and second the rate of fire that made it controllable and easy to learn how to place a single shot even in full auto.

  4. These folks in Everett WA are handbuilding a limited run at $11k per rifle ( $1.5 deposit to get a place in line ).

    The German made copies can’t be imported into the US because of 922r compliance issues ( thank George Bush Sr. for that one ).

  5. An FG42? What caliber are they chambering the repro for?

    From watching the attached video; the off hand magazine grip is very similar to todays plethora of vertical grips mounted on a 1913 rail. Very popular for the added weapon control and stabilisation, as well as freeing up space on the side rails for a bunch of other bells & whistles.

  6. I don’t see an FG42. That’s the old STG44. STG as abbreviation is still in use in Austria. STG58 (an FN FAL) and STG77 (the Steyr AUG) are still in use there.

    German soldiers usually tried to get their hands on one of the Russian SMGs, they were pretty damn reliable.

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