Grauer IGRS

Like the magazine hold? Check out the Grauer Integrated Grip Rail System.

I’d be interested in knowing what professionals think about the product.


  1. I’d have to shoot it to be sure, but on first inspection I think it’s an unnecessary addition of weight and complication. A small bit of magazine flare is useful (cf: HK416), but that much isn’t needed.

    One of the advantages of a “magazine hold” (Well, a “Magazine well hold”, since you don’t want to hold on the magazine itself — I use a mag well hold for CQM) is that it gets the control hand closer to the CG of the weapon to enable quick and precise movement of the weapon. This not only moves the hand farther from the CG, it adds additional weight behind the control hand.

    The most positive thing I can say is that it would prevent someone from actually holding against the magazine instead of the mag well and inducing feed failures that way.

  2. I’m not a big fan of verticle fore grips, but if I were to choose one………’d probably be a grip pod because of the built in bipod legs. Seems like that’s be very handy for shooting from prone.

    Hawk is right! Mag well grip good! Mag grip bad! LOL!

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