Old-School Sniper Takes Some Cracks

In today’s Shooting Wire (scroll down to Jim Shepard’s feature):

It was a simple question 84-year old Ted Gundy put to the guys at Shooting USA’s Impossible Shots: “How is it possible for snipers today to hit targets from such long ranges?”

From most of us, it would have been a gee-whiz kind of question, the kind that gets a polite “thanks for watching, snipers use….” kind of form letter response.

But Ted Gundy wasn’t just another TV fan. Gunday was asking about today, based on his own experiences from yesterday.

Gundy was a sniper in WW2 and joined the Army Marksmanship Unit at Fort Benning for a run-through of today’s sniper world. And the old vet showed them young whippersnappers that he could still put rounds on target. With an ’03 A4.

The story will run on ‘Impossible Shots’ on the Outdoor Channel on February 20th. Until then, go read.