Green Police

Haven’t had time to look around for commentary on it, but is Murdoc the only one who didn’t think that “Green Police” commercial [was all that] funny?

UPDATE: First, Smallest Minority is talking about it.

Second, here’s the commercial:

Third: Somewhere I saw this:

Buy guns not Audis


  1. Your double negatives are confusing me about whether or not you liked it!

    It seemed to me that it was an accurate glimpse into our future. The end with the “real” police was pretty funny, and I do like Audi’s vehicles.

    I do not look forward to my arrest for not using CFLs.

  2. Saw it over on Watts Up With That. Does seem a little prescient. The left seems to forget that, in their rush to save the planet, they are passing laws left and right that dictate individual behavior. The level of zeal they bring to bear enforcing them is unknown so far, but I have a sinking feeling that in 20 years or so, this commercial will only seem mildly hyperbolic.

  3. I thought it was a good commercial. And I am not an Audi fan.

    To me, it seemed like an obvious poke in the eye to the crazy greenies.

    I’m actually a bit disturbed by the folks getting their panties in a wad over it.

    1. I certainly did not have the reaction that many are having.

      But when it finished I said “You know, I guess I didn’t find that terribly funny.”

      I wasn’t all outraged or anything, but I also do not see it as an “obvious poke in the eye to the crazy greenies.”

      I guess I’m not really sure how I DO see it, though. Because of my political position on a lot of things, I guess I just thought it was in poor taste.

  4. As you should know by now, Murdoc, I am a fan of poor taste (as long as it doesn’t involve food).

    I am also a major Cheap Trick fan. So I am going to give the benefit of doubt to ANY commercial that uses their music!

    1. I guess it’s just due to the worry that I have about A) militarization of the police combined with B) enviromental over-legislation and C) eroding of personal rights and privacy. Yes, the idea of econazis in shorts scooting around on Segways has some humor to it, but it seems to be hitting a little close to reality to cash in on the laugh value.

      I think that most of those with extreme reactions are already worried/concerned/paranoid about government interference, so joking about it using a topic that the Lefies love to embrace is going to set them off every time. I’m borderline one of them.

    2. Oh, and the anteater was also funny.

      Clearly it was not meant as a serious prediction of the future, but there are more than a few who are worried that it might actually be just that. That’s why they’re not laughing.

      I guess it would be like making a commercial for a premium health insurance provider by lampooning fears about socialized national healthcare. Even if they used funny people to play the doctors and had a good soundtrack, a lot of people would not be laughing.

      1. That’s a good example. I can relate to the negative responses from that perspective. Never would have thought about it that way myself, though.

        I guess that’s one reason I keep reading your blog…


  5. Thought it wasn’t funny, but as everyone was saying, not really that offending to get annoyed about it.

  6. I caught it on a review of Super Bowl commercials. I didn’t think it was funny either……….considered it a potentially grim view of our future if we let the lefties/greens get out of control. I’m all for conservation and less energy dependence… just shouldn’t be at the order of some group who knows better than us.

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