Boy Scouts Turned 100 Today

Almost forgot to mention this: Boy Scouts Celebrate 100 Years of Camping, Service

Like Jim Kirk, Murdoc was never a Boy Scout. But my son is in Scouts and it is a great program.

Happy Birthday, Boy Scouts.

Also see: After 100 Years, Are The Boy Scouts Still Relevant?

A lot of people say no. Probably not coincidentally, most of the people I know who say that are the people I know who I disagree with the most strongly on political and societal issues.

I believe that a number of items in the “The Case Against Scouting” section of the linked article are misstated or just plain wrong. I also find it interesting that the case “For” gets half the first page while the case “Against” gets all of pages two and three. I’ll just chalk this up to the idea that the arguments in favor of Scouting are simple, straightforward, and readily apparent to nearly everyone, while the cases against it require a lot of in-depth explanation of nuances and secret Mormon conspiracies.


  1. So what? I was in the scouts for barely a year. In that time. I fired my first firearm, learned how to navigate using a map and compass, learned how to start a fire, turn my longsleeved shirts and whatnot into flotation devices. I also learned that, as the only Catholic in a Mormon troop, they didn’t care about my religion and cared more about my sub-standard physical fitness score.

    The scouts was a great experience for me while it lasted. I didn’t continue, had other things in my plate. Scouting to me is probably the only place where a proper understanding of Government and its functions is taught. Where boys are encouraged to be honorable citizens and religiously tolerant as well as tolerant of opinions. To live the life of an upright and knowledgeable person.

    As for the Mormon conspiracy, yeah, I can be told that I was a part of it. Only Catholic in a Mormon troop. But was I ostracized? No. It seems to me that the Mormon tradition of missionary work and a life full of religious devotion fits perfectly with the life of scouting, which I can sum up as be a good neighbor and help others.

    The bit about the don’t ask don’t tell and the discrimination against gays to me makes sense. Stuck in a tent for one week in the wilderness or at a camp, would you allow your young teen to be in the same tent with one who is openly gay? Even kids nowadays still tease and bully those who openly come out of the closet. It’s better if the Scouts not pursue what sexual orientation the boys are.

    And before I rant on too long, I stop.

  2. Scouting is about getting outdoors in a supervised manner and doing constructive things.

    Which is a lot better than kids staying home with their wiis or playstations.

    1. Wiis and Playstations are fine. I wish I had had them when I was a kid. But when they become the main activity it’s not so fine. I also wouldn’t recommend Boy Scouting as someone’s all-consuming activity.

  3. I’m a Cub Scout drop out [yea, I can just hear the collective gasp of shock LOL!], but I enjoyed while I was in it. Scouting is a good program that relfects traditional values. something that has sadly passed through the vale for most of society.

  4. Do Muslim countries have the equivilant of the Cub Scouts, Boy Scouts, Brownies, Girl Scouts?

    Just wondering.

    1. I do know that Iraq has a long history of Scouting. They were getting it re-started after the destruction of Saddam’s regime, but I don’t know how far they’ve gotten. They’ve had other things to worry about.

  5. I’ve read a few articles about the Scouts in the last few years that point out their declining membership. Invariable they always mention the Scout’s exclusion of ‘gays’ as if that might be a reason for the decline.

    If this were true, why is the enrollment of Campfire USA also down? They do not exclude ‘gays’ and don’t have the same religious overtones of the Scouts.

    I’d sure hate to see the Scout’s dissolve. But I would rather have that happen than see them change their values and become a mockery of what they once were.

    1. 3 things, depending on demographic .

      Dangerous and inconvenient inner city conditions. Hard to get to scout meetings if mom & dad spent fuel money on cigs and booze. Walking to scout meetings in gangland is no paradise and will get you worse than burned.

      Over entertained. ie TV and video games. Burnout Paradise is more fun than hiking and civics merit badges.

      Too many competing afterschool activities (it’s real paradise IMO, but too much causes real burnout).

      1. As much as I like unleashing lead online in Modern Warfare 2, if it weren’t too damn cold out, I’d be outdoors. >.>;;

        Besides, most of my geeky friends can probably beat up half the athletic team.

  6. It’s a social issue. I think.

    I was a scout in the UK, so don’t know if it’s the same as the US.

    Giving more than you expect to recieve is never going to be a popular standpoint for kids that are brought up in a world where it’s doctrined that they should “want” everything.

    Being out in the wilderness doesn’t cure “retail therapy” – something my gf openly states she finds really calming.

    The ability to be alone with your thoughts is a scary one for a lot of people. Silence between you and a person next to you for an hour in a hike, just because you are both soaking in the scenery is foreign to a lot of people.

    Working together with people who might be annoying at the time is not normal for people either. There is no bedroom to hide in or xbox to zone out on.

    In this way, the scouts are out-of-date, since they aren’t conforming. I just hope people realise the good in it before it’s too late.

  7. Why are the liberals always trying to kill the Boy Scouts?ure they would turn it into a mockery of it’s former self, where instead of camping you go and discuss “LGBTHP sensitivity” or whatever they term that new-age crap. Damn “new-age” idiots can’t even call themselves strait or gay, they have to create new words for their own “sexuality”.

    Sex is a topic that shouldn’t be within a mile of the Boy Scouts FFS.

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