Selecting text

I’ve noticed on this site and other MT-powered sites that sometimes selecting text doesn’t work correctly. It grabs large chunks instead of just what you want. And it only happens on certain parts of the page. A reader complained about it before, but I wasn’t able to figure it out.

Today I stumbled upon what many others have known all along. As long as you are trying to select text where there is sidebar to the left, everything works just fine. It’s when you try to select text below the bottom of the sidebar that MT’s power works for evil instead of good. I’m running a slightly modified standard template, and I’ve noticed similar text-selection problems on other blogs, so I think it came with MT’s templates.

I don’t know how to fix it, but a workaround would be to go to the post you want to rip off quote on either the monthly archive page (accessible on the sidebar), on the category archive page (by clicking on the category tag at the bottom of the post), or on the post’s individual archive page (by clicking on the timestamp at the bottom of the post). My archives don’t have a sidebar so you can select away.