157 megawatts = 30 minutes

Plans to give Baghdad more electrical power advance with generator’s arrival

A generator originally bought with UN Oil-for-Food money and found stashed in an unnamed neighboring country has arrived in Baghdad. When up and running, the 300-ton monster will increase electricity for Baghdad by half an hour per day.

Most Iraqis in Baghdad each day have about 12 hours of power coming and going in three-hour cycles. Essential services, such as police stations and hospitals, are given continual power.

With some generators down for maintenance, the city currently draws about 4,000 megawatts. But by June, engineers hope to have 6,000 megawatts to power Baghdad, increasing electricity to 16 hours per day.

16 hours of electricity per day in the Iraqi summer heat is NOT going to feel good to Baghdad residents or look good to American voters.

Also, why haven’t we heard more about what happened to all that Oil For Food money?