Next we’ll be giving 24 hours’ notice

NATO issues directive restricting night raids

We own the air with supersonic attack aircraft, remotely-piloted vehicles, and satellite-guided munitions. We restrict air support to our troops in combat with the enemy.

We own the night with night vision goggles, GPS navigation, and command and control that can tell where every allied soldier is. We restrict night raids against the enemy.

Among the public, night raids by international troops raise anger because of cultural sensitivities, said Hamid Mohammad, head of the local chapter of a worldwide student leadership organization.

“If a foreign soldier goes into an Afghan house and if they even search boxes of the women’s clothes, the men get very angry,” he told McChrystal. “This is the thing that creates problems for international forces and destroys the perception of (NATO) among the local people.”

Okay, make sure we don’t search boxes containing women’s clothing. And make sure to advertise the fact that we won’t search boxes containing women’s clothing.


  1. Why does only the coalition have to play by the nice rules? None of the natives seem to much care about atrocities committed by Taliban/Queda factions, they only get mad at us.

    The military is playing by the enemy’s rules. It’s a media war, and they are conceding that whole battle field.

    1. For all the years of “Iraq is just like Vietnam” we had to put up with, and all the years of “Afghanistan is the right war, Iraq is not” we had to put up with, it sure is demoralizing to see leadership working hard to turn Afghanistan into Vietnam.

      Maybe it’s there already. If it happens, I don’t think too many people will really notice, even the smart ones with the right intentions, until the point of no return has been passed.

      1. Actually, it’s WORSE than Vietnam. In ‘Nam, we didn’t totally invert our Fire Support policies every week or two whenever someone complained, as part of a half-assed publicity attempt to please EVERYONE.

        Iraq is worse than Vietnam as well, because we didn’t bribe the “G” into playing ‘possum with a “cash and guns for peace” program, and then start acting like we’re winning.

        The McNamaran “don’t walk on eggshells” policies are going to blow up in our faces sooner or later — and I have a hunch that it isn’t going to matter much, one way or another, whether or not we leave either country.

  2. Wow are they determined to strip our troops of every advantage.

    We are a night-fighting Army. That, along with the fire-support we can no longer use, is our primary advantage over our enemies.

    Did I say “enemies”? I meant folks we have not been friendly enough to yet.

  3. Sometimes one wonders who the military’s “enemies” are?
    The ones we’re (trying) to fight overseas?
    Or the ones at home making up the crippling ROEs?

  4. We should just blindfold the people so they don’t know where the soldiers are looking.

    Give the soldiers courses in how to search through drawers and how to leave them without noticing they have been disturbed.

    I hope people on the ground choose to ignore this order… “yes we complied”, but in reality we searched the house as necessary.

    Personally I have never had an issue with the idea of police coming in and raiding my own home if they wanted to. I don’t have anything to hide, so I don’t see what 1 nights lost sleep really does to the long-run.

    Next we wont be able to drive past their homes during night. Or conduct troop movements next to farmhouses that have animals that might be disturbed.
    Or maybe we should issue troops with brushes, so that if they walk or drive past an afghani, we can take off the dust that may have blown in their face by our presence.

    This isn’t exactly burning down a village or actually hurting anybody!

  5. I’d laugh if this wasn’t so potentially tragic for our troops, and likely to put off any success we might achieve.

    The media (at least the western media) has largely lost sight of which country they come from, and provides them the rights and freedom to do their jobs. The idea that you must report every Afghan pronouncement matter of factly, when it’s been long established that a good portion of those pronouncements are info maipulation or fabrication astounds me.

    First we cede our artillery and air assets to near silence, now we let Hamid Mohammad at the like determine operational tempo and tactics.

    Like the man said above………….we might just as well pack up and go home.

  6. It’s time to admit the truth: the war in Iraq is due to oil and government contracts to private companies, not knocking down the Towers and killing so many Americans. The White House knew these terrorists were in the country and did NOTHING! They waste time and money chasing after Mexican illigals who do us no phyiscal harm, and are doing jobs most American lazy pelple will not lower themselves to do! QUIT LYING TO THE AMERICAN PEOPLE ABOUT why we are in Iraq! We have oil resources here in American we could appropriate but for the goody two shoes who are on the side of minows, the gnats, the rats and the worms on the earth and care nothing about the people. Save the Whales, sacrifice the people! This country is being led by IDIOTS who are only interested in lining their pockets. WANT TO BE RICH? BECOME A CONGRESSMAN!

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