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Russia’s new Ground Forces chief urges drastic cuts in tanks

Murdoc agrees wholeheartedly. The Russian army should have fewer tanks.


  1. Yeh, but they most likely are talking about retiring the 50% of their tanks that are so old they can’t even get 3rd world countries to buy them. Scrapping these would make economic sense.

    1. I can’t speak for anyone else, but for Murdoc it’s not really “anti-Russian” as much as a military rivalry sort of thing from the bad old days. Lots of guys I know sat around waiting for the day the hordes would roll through the gap.

      Since the current crop of bad guys are just a bunch of jackasses hiding in caves and behind women and children, most talk about military-on-military is going to involve either the Russians or the Chinese.

      I don’t think anyone is recommending the use of Russian tanks for “target practice” unless the shooting were to start.

      1. I’m probably the same age as you and grew up hating the commies. I remember our targets at the ranges were always Russians.

        However, I changed my view after the Cold War. Since I am a WW2 buff, I was surprised to learn the details about the Eastern Front. I gained a newfound respect for the Russians for the hardships and casualties they endured.

        I no longer blame the communism crap on the average Russian because it was a hostile, intellectual elite that imposed that it on them. Many other ethnic groups, besides Russians, were just as responsible for the old USSR.

        I do miss some aspects of the Cold War. The Olympics suck now. Without that big rivalry, they are lame. Ditto James Bond.

        I think it’s ironic today that many Americans continue to hate the Russians while not the Chinese. The Chinese killed more Americans during the last half century than the USSR did. Yet we happily go to Sam’s, Walmart, and Target to buy their crap.

        We get all freaked out that Russia wants to exert influence on Georgia or Ukraine, as if that concerns me, yet don’t seem to be too worried that China has us by the balls economically.

        And no, I do not hate China. I’m impressed with their drive and wish the US still had it.

    2. I’m trying to think of a single reason not to be anti-Russian but having no luck. I was trained to kill them back when they were commies. In hand-to-hand combat training we actually learned to how to counter a kill move taught to Russian troops with an equally lethal move.

      During the late 90’s, I thought they might be okay. Putin fixed that – now they are a thugocracy little better than the old Soviet Union. It’s pretty obvious he wants their lost empire back. Georgia is back under his thumb, the Ukraine and Baltic States are next.

      Fuck Russia.

  2. 10,000 is still a lot of tanks. James is right, ditching the oldest half is the right call from the Russain perspective.

  3. It’s about the ecology and global warming.

    Fewer tanks less CO-2 emissions.

    Those Ruskis are just thinking about the future welfare of the world.

    1. LOL! Good one! Perhaps they’re in league with the DoD Al Gore Green Initiative?

      I think Murdoc Online should sponser a couple of his more responsible regulars (like me and someone else); on a two week investigative report of Russian eco awareness. Somewehre on the Black Sea Coast would be a good place to start.

      1. Can’t afford to supply the protective suits for your trip. We’ll just have someone scrub you down when you get back.

        It won’t be Murdoc.

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