MO back on the air.

Some terrible problem at my host that took days to recover from. Not terribly pleased, but what can you do?

Murdoc’s apologies for the problems.

UPDATE: Also, I want to thank those who emailed with concern for old Murdoc. Everything is fine and blogging will resume shortly.

UPDATE 2: It appears that a small amount of content may have been lost, including some reader comments. My understanding of the issue is that a problem with the RAID on the server MO is hosted on pretty much hosed everything and they had to restore from back-up. I’ve got my own back-up which may or may not be slightly more recent than the one they used, but we’ve already started down a new road and I’m hesitant to attempt a switch back at this point. So we’re just going to soldier on from this point.


  1. No need to apologize Murdoc,

    Computers can be troublesome at times.

    Glad to see your sites are up and running on all cylinders!

  2. What?! Here, I’d been telling anyone who’d listen, you’d been taken hostage by a heavily armed band of terrorist cats. The story I’d read on a very reliable web source said there’d been a rather pitiful video of you wearing false cat ears and whiskers pleading for people to send unmarked cans of Fiskies nine lives in for your release……………or else you’d be rubbed to death by a couple of the more zealous cats. Damn……………..there goes my credibility.

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