The Downward Spiral Continues

Mexico Killings of 3 Connected to U.S. Consulate Bring Warning

The White House condemned the killings of a U.S. citizen employee, her husband and the husband of a Mexican citizen employee, in a statement yesterday from National Security Council spokesman Mike Hammer.

At least we’ve got the border locked down.


  1. CNN had a report Sat or Sun night by someone in Juarez. Don’t remember his name; white guy with an accent.

    He rode with the police for a night, responding to mayhem as it occurred. His report summarized the night, and it was pretty chilling.

    The only surprise was that it took him so long- until the end of his report- to blame America for the mayhem.

  2. The biggest mistake that this nation ever made was giving Mexico BACK to the Mexicans after the Mexican-American war. If we’d have kept it, it would wouldn’t be the corrupt, drug-cartel run cancer that it is today, and we wouldn’t have millions of illegals over here stealing jobs from Americans by under-bidding for them.

  3. It’s obvious that paleocons want to secure our border with Mexico while neocons are pretty much open border types.

    But what I don’t understand is why the neocons don’t support some sort of invasion and nation building exercise in Mexico. After all, they think the US should do these ops in Afghanistan, Iraq and Haiti.

    Having a Mexico as stable and prosperous as Canada is more in the USA’s national security interest than who runs Kosovo and whether Russia is exerting influence over Georgia and the Ukraine. It is more in our interest than whether or not the Taliban is involved in Afghanistan’s government.

    100 million Mexicans bum rushing our border, if that nation collapses, scares me a lot more than Putin trying to influence Ukrainian elections.

    1. Agreed and agreed. Sooner or later, and likely sooner, the US will have to deal with Mexico’s instability. The corruption there is endemic. I mean, seriously, our #2 source of oil is Mexico. They bring in 10’s of billions of US dollars every year for that oil, and the entire industry is owned by the Government. All that money, and the nation is still mired in poverty.

      I personally favor building a solid defense all along the border with Mexico, with minefields, towers, patrol helicopters and “shoot to kill” orders. However, we also have to start rounding up and deporting the illegals already here. We simply cannot cave to the “amnesty” folks. All that does is cheapen the citizenship of all who followed the rules.

      But yeah… we need to do something about Mexico, because it is our neighbor, and a good trading partner.

    2. Right. You have a pretty tenuous grasp on what Putin and his Communist henchmen are doing. The Poles, who are truly our allies, just got thrown under the bus by the ‘Bama by canceling the ABM system they agreed to have built on their soil, ’cause Himself wanted to make nice-nice with the Russians and apologizing for us being a strong and technologically advanced nation. And it’s a big deal if the Taliban/Jihadists have an established national soil to operate from. You clearly don’t know what is happening in Europe, where “moderate” Muslims are establishing ‘no-go’ zones for Christians and Jews and creating Muslim institutions, displacing Western ones.

  4. AW1 Tim,

    Well to be fair we did keep a pretty big piece of Mexico. We just didn’t want to annex the bits that were full of Mexicans.

    In the end they came to us.

  5. What’s the matter? You’re OK with Clintonistas bombing the people who rescued many of our air crews and killed a lot of Nazis in WWII? The Kosovo Liberation Front (Islamists) has destroyed many Christian churches and are ethnic cleansing very methodically. But I guess that’s happening a long way away. Yeah, it’s important to have a stable and prosperous Mejico on our southern border, but remember the Osama bin Laden t’shirts worn by many Mejicans and how they boo and jeer during the playing of our National Anthem at sporting events. For the most part they are not our friends and never will be. Even with the DearLeader at our helm, apologizing to the world. I do so like your idea of gun towers.

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