Extended Apache Video

Move over, XM-8, there’s a new hot search engine draw at MO.

It’s the video of that Apache attack in Iraq. The post that’s been drawing all the traffic is actually my response to the reaction the video has generated.

There’s no doubt that the video is quite graphic and disturbing. But the efforts of many to claim that our guys shot down innocent farmers (at night, no less) seem a bit out there. I don’t know why the video made it out into general release, but it has and it’s a good view into the world of war.

A lot of folks have commented on various forums that after watching the full video on ABC’s premium site, their skepticism was erased. I was never sure if that was really believable or the effort of pro-military types trying to sway public opinion.

Now you can find out for yourself.

I stumbled across what seems to be the full-length video here. It’s an 8.5 megabyte avi file that will run in Windows Media Player if you have the XviD codecs installed.

Any doubt I had about our actions or our itchy trigger fingers were erased. Go see for yourself.

(If the video or codec disappear, let me know. I’ve got them now, as well. I’ve been having trouble with my host, so I’m hesitant to post them.)

UPDATE 11/23/2004: That download link is dead. I’ve hosted it on MO. Check out this post for the link.


  1. I must say I’m a bit ashamed that my country’s flag is not shown. Our military is small potatoes, but it’s damn good! stan

  2. I take it that you’re referring to the ’35 Nations Have Troops In Iraq’ graphic, and I gather from your email address that you’re Canadian. To be honest, I’m a little disappointed in Canada and and a little disappointed in the US about the lack of Canadians in Iraq. I think we are mutually dependent on each other, more so now than at any point in history, and I think we need to work hard to find a middle ground, even if it means (GASP! HORRORS!) that Bush needs to compromise a bit. That being said, Canadians are in Afghanistan and I can see why (though I don’t personally agree with it) your government is there but not in Iraq. From all reports, the Canadians are doing a great job, although it surely gets minimized in the US press.