Private guards kill Somali pirate for first time

Private security guards shot and killed a Somali pirate during an attack on a merchant ship off the coast of East Africa in what is believed to be the first such killing by armed contractors, the EU Naval Force spokesman said Wednesday.

The death comes amid fears that increasingly aggressive pirates and the growing use of armed private security contractors onboard vessels could fuel increased violence on the high seas. The handling of the case may have legal implications beyond the individuals involved in Tuesday’s shooting. [emphasis Murdoc’s]

Wait. People are worried that guards will INCREASE the violence? Who’s worried? The pirates? The Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence?


  1. Many people (I’ll let all of you speculate as to which demographic “they” might belong to), believe that if someone has enough more than someone else they should be forced to share, or if the person with less take it from the person with more=social justice. Good work if you can get it.

  2. “Armed private INCREASE violence”?

    Typical Liberal, unadulterated bleeding-heart Bull S*it.

    The Libs are fond of being seen as martyrs who would give away their property and lives to the poor misunderstood, pirates who are simply expressing their need for the necessities of life.

    The new Obamacare bill is a fine example of the Socialist left’s idea on making EVERYONE equal!

    1. That’s what’s funniest to me. Apologists paint them as the poorest of the poor, forced to steal to get by.

      Excuse me but they aren’t stealing loaves of bread or poaching fishing nets. They’re ransoming ships, cargos, and crews for millions at a pop.

      Where I live I don’t need millions of dollars just to scratch through another day. Not to mention that retireees on fixed incomes have gone to places like Mexico or Central America to stretch their limited $$; hell you can still live half decent in some parts of eastern Europe for $1k a month. I bet a few hundred goes awfully far in Somalia.

      So how, precisely, are we made to believe that these poor victims of (fill in the blank) need millions for their survival?

  3. “The handling of the case may have legal implications beyond the individuals involved in Tuesday’s shooting.”

    Legal implications?? WTF? Who’s going to bring charges against whom?
    The pirates (or their relatives) bring charges against the armed guard?
    The ACLU against the guard?
    The pirates against the ship, captain & ship owners?

  4. I’m sure some bored Eurocrats can trump up some sort of charges at the Hague. War criminal or something. Especially if these guys are American contractors. I mean, if it was Blackwater/Xe they probably instigated the whole things just for the fun of killing!

  5. Is it really the first they killed? Or just the first shot on the ship, not the Pirates’ boat. Or the first they didn’t just toss overboard after being shot so they could continue on their way.

  6. Late breaking news (nothing to do with the pirate termination):

    Osama bin Laden just farted again!

    Geez, I wish those drones would stick a hellfire missile up his camel riding ass!

    1. Blacktail’s on to something. Maybe we can go back to olde tymes and issue letters of marque.

      Instead of a clutch of guards on a big ship, Xe can have it’s own warships.

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