Arrr! Again!

US Navy frigate captures 5 pirates near Seychelles

U.S. naval forces say they’ve captured five pirates after exchanging fire with them, sinking their skiff and confiscating a mother ship.

The USS Nicholas came under fire early Thursday from pirates in an area west of the Seychelles.

Yawn. Another “mother ship.”

There sure are a lot of those mothers.


  1. Isn’t the penalty for piracy on the high seas still execution?

    Oh, I forgot Obama, the “extended hand” is president.

    1. We should begin a campaign throughout the area explaining how US Navy ships are easy pickings. And that Obama has pledged to pay any ransom for any US sailors captured.

      Meanwhile, issue extra ammunition on the ships.

  2. I see a fair economic opportunity in this situation. These pirates training program is obviously deficient, or they’d know enough not to assault/fire on real warships. Pirate Management needs to put a boot in Pirate HR, and bring in a savvy consultent like myself.

    OK boys…………gray paintd ship, sharp pointy prow, with some tuby lookin things attached to a box up front, and globular stuff all over the superstructure=WARSHIP (dumbasses). Shooting at warship BAD! Warship shoots back, you die (well maybe). LOL!

    1. Pirate HR ha! They probably have some of those motivational posters hanging in their office. Instead of the cat hanging by its claws with the caption “hang in there,” it should be a pirate hanging from the yardarm. With the same caption.

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