Oh My God

Polish president among scores dead in jet crash


  1. It truly is very sad.

    Poland is one of America’s fervent supporters and the country has lost a lot of its “heavy weights”.

    * Lech Kaczyński, President of Poland
    * Maria Kaczyńska, First Lady of Poland
    * Mariusz Handzlik, Undersecretary of State in the Office of the President of the Republic of Poland
    * Ryszard Kaczorowski, the last President of the Polish government-in-exile
    * Andrzej Kremer, Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs
    * Sławomir Skrzypek, President of the National Bank of Poland
    * Władysław Stasiak, Chief of the Office of the President of the Republic of Poland
    * Aleksander Szczygło, head of the National Security Bureau
    * Paweł Wypych, Secretary of State in the Office of the President of the
    Republic of Poland

    Military figures

    * Lieutenant General Andrzej Błasik, Chief of the Polish Air Force
    * Major General Tadeusz Buk, Commander of the Polish Land Forces
    * General Franciszek Gągor, Chief of the Polish Army General Staff
    * Vice Admiral Andrzej Karweta, Commander-in-chief of the Polish Navy

    Senat members

    * Krystyna Bochenek, Deputy Speaker of the Senat
    * Janina Fetlińska, member of the Senat
    * Stanisław Zając, member of the Senat

    Sejm members

    * Leszek Deptuła, member of the Sejm
    * Grzegorz Dolniak, member of the Sejm
    * Grażyna Gęsicka, member of the Sejm
    * Przemysław Gosiewski, member of the Sej
    * Izabela Jaruga-Nowacka, member of the Sejm
    * Sebastian Karpiniuk, member of the Sejm
    * Aleksandra Natalli-Świat, member of the Sejm
    * Krzysztof Putra, Deputy Speaker of the Sejm
    * Arkadiusz Rybicki, member of the Sejm
    * Jerzy Szmajdziński, Deputy Speaker of the Sejm
    * Jolanta Szymanek-Deresz, member of the Sejm
    * Zbigniew Wassermann, member of the Sejm
    * Wiesław Woda, member of the Sejm
    * Edward Wojtas, member of the Sejm

    Religious figures

    * Archbishop Miron Chodakowski, Orthodox Ordinary of the Polish Army
    * Tadeusz Płoski, bishop of the Military Ordinariate of the Polish Army
    * Ryszard Rumianek, Rector of the Cardinal Stefan Wyszyński University


    * Janusz Kochanowski, Polish Ombudsman for Citizen Rights
    * Janusz Kurtyka, Historian and president of the Institute of National Remembrance
    * Piotr Nurowski, President of the Polish Olympic Committee
    * Maciej Płażyński, President of the Polish Community Association
    * Andrzej Przewoźnik, Secretary-General of the Council for the Protection of Struggle and Martyrdom Sites
    * Anna Walentynowicz, free trade union activist, member of Solidarity movement

    Now the “conspiracy” theories will abound.

  2. I heard the news Sunday morning while I was abroad- the BBC cut right to Putin saying he would take personal command of the investigation. I must (shamefacedly) admit that my first thought was to be surprised that he wasn’y wearing a party hat and dancing a jig. I half expected him to continue with, “…in fact, I also took personal command of downing the aircraft.”
    Not to say I believe that to be the case- I don’t- but it’s what came to mind.

  3. whats wrong with conspiracies that are finally not about 9/11?
    plus I think people should be more concerned about a possible contemporary revolution, you saw how much support the chiapas incident got, imagine now with the entire executive branch gone and next to a giant super power that just invades sattelites when theyre bored.

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