Iranian Tomcat Gets New Radar

Sit down for this one: Commander Stresses Iran’s Capability to Overhaul, Optimize Fighter Jets

An Iranian Air Force commander announced here on Tuesday that the country overhauls and optimizes different types of military aircraft, mentioning that Air Force has even installed Iran-made radar systems on the sophisticated F14 fighter jets…

Referring to the promotion of the systems and capabilities of F14 fighter jets, Nasirzadeh said, “…today we have a new generation of F14 fighters at our service, and its radar system has been upgraded by our local experts.”

Reiterating that the new radar system has been built and installed on the F14 fighter jets by the Iranian personnel, the General added, “Therefore, we can enhance and upgrade it (radar) continuously.

The commander also pointed out that his forces have even upgraded the jet engines of F14, and said considering the numerous alterations that Iran has made to the radar system and the engines of F14, it can be said that what Iranian Air Force now has is a new generation of the globally known version of F14.

What this probably means is that they’ve managed to keep a few radars and/or engines on some of their Tomcats running well enough to keep flying.

Here’s an Iranian F-14 in the air from a show in 2006:


  1. I don’t doubt that Iran has the capability to improve the planes, and the expertise to keep them going. I just don’t think those things add up to much, considering.

    If I’m the head of the Iranian Air Force, I see my threats as the US Air Force, US Navy/Marine aviation, the IAF, and the Saudi Air Force.

    With that in mind, if I upgrade every Tomcat I have to its fullest potential, I’m not going to deny air dominance to the threat.

    But with some imagination I can be a big pain in the ass.

  2. Considering the great Satan has already scrapped hundreds (all) of its Tomcats in favor of newer “better” planes, I don’t think Iran has much to boast about. That’d be like Russia bragging that they had updated all their Foxbats with new microwaves and ice dispensers. The plane is still obsolete.

    That said, a part of me is happy that that beautiful bird is still flying somewhere.

  3. It is doubtful that an F-18 is any better than an USN Tomcat with the latest upgrades. Usually the one with AWACS or Hawkeye support wins.

    But I’m guessing than the Iranian “upgrades” involved chicken-wire and duct tape.

  4. I think the “haters” who’ve posted their comments here don’t seem to understand that the majority of aircraft operated by US forces are from the same era as the F-14.

    The mere fact that Iran has kept these planes in tip top operational status is witness to that country’s considerable technical prowess.

    Their schools and universities graduate some of the finest technicians, engineers, and scientists in the world so I don’t put it past them that they can take any older weapon systems, and update it to perform to current standards.

    I’d be embarrassed to post such ignorant comments to be honest.

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