More luxurious than Saddam’s hideout, but not by much

Castro: ‘I Will Die Fighting’ if U.S. Invades Cuba

Promise? You don’t have crossed fingers behind your back like Saddam did, do you?

Earlier this month, Bush Administration officials accused Cuba of joining forces with Venezuela’s leftist government to destabilize democratic governments in Latin America.

President Bush last year named a commission to speed up a post-Castro transition to democratic rule in Cuba.

Havana is worried that Cuba could be the next on Bush’s list for a regime change after Iraq.

Seriously, though, what options would Castro have? Run and hide in a spider hole?

He’s already in the biggest spider hole on earth.
Actually, Cuba’s land area is slightly less than North Korea’s. So it’s the second-largest spider hole on earth.

Hmmm. Why is it that both of the biggest spider holes are communist dictatorships? I’ve had about five people tell me within the last week or so that communism is really not all that bad of an idea. It’s just the implementation that is troublesome. I must disagree.

And MO doesn’t really support the idea of military intervention in Cuba. No blood for cigars! No blood for rum! (via The Command Post)