The Pacific

Just caught an episode of this on HBO at the hotel we’re staying at. Nice, because we don’t get HBO at home.

The Marines on Guadalcanal.

Excellent. Very much excellent.


  1. I was kind of let down. Not nearly enough Chesty Puller (haven’t seen him in 4 episodes). Too much soap opera stuff, too little awareness of what is going on in the battles.

    They skipped the whole re-training / re-arming that went on between island assaults. I guess we’ll see this week if they address the changes that took place after Peleliu.

    I’m guessing that the story is going to swing back to Basilone for a couple of episodes since the 1st Marine Division wasn’t at Iwo Jima. (Still recovering for Peleliu and getting ready for Okinawa)

  2. I’ve been watching the series but don’t find it as engaging as I did “Band of Brothers”.

    Can’t put my finger on it but something’s missing, something that keeps it from being just ok to something special.

  3. GeekLethal – When you were in the Army, you always knew what unit you were in and your chain-of-command. Band of Brothers was from a Company Commander / 1st Sgt point of view. You always knew what unit you were seeing, where they were, and why.

    The Pacific is written from a point of view that is lower than the lowest Private. I know my WWII and USMC history pretty well but I have trouble following what unit I’m watching. Besides Sledge, Leckie, and Basilone, I can’t tell who is who. Random officers and NCO’s show up and give orders and we never see them again.

    If they are losing me, they have to be losing the civilian audience in a big way. Or maybe civilians just don’t worry about those things.

    1. Yeah Bram I think you’re on to something.

      I’m pretty lost when I watch- who’s who, what unit this is. I see it’s brutal and horrible but…ah… am I supposed to know who that guy is? Or is that one the center of this plot point…?

      Plus I have some trouble following the heraldry and nomenclatures in the USMC in my most coherent moments.

      1. It’s about to get much worse. So far we have been following the 1st Marine Division (the 1st, 5th, and 7th Infantry Regiments and 11th artillery).

        Soon the 1st Division will get pulled out of Peleliu after taking massive casualties. The Division isn’t ready for another operation until Okinawa. But John Basilone is fighting to get off the Bond tour and back into a combat unit. He gets assigned to the 5th Marine Division (a unit that didn’t exist until the war and hasn’t since) and sent to Iwo Jima.

        So we are going to see the Battle of Iwo Jima with only 1 character we have already met. Then move straight to Okinawa with Sledge. Baffling.

        They would have been better off basing this on Leon Uris’ fictionalized autobiography “Battle Cry” and followed the 6th Marines around the Pacific. The Banzai charge on Saipan was an awesome climax.

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