Striker Brygade

Grocery Strikers Almost Get Knocked Out

Michael Williams has a run-in with some California grocery workers who are out on strike. Again? Still? Who knows?

I’ve been to California about a half-dozen times over the past fifteen years and I think that there’s always at least one chain with people on strike.

Mr. Williams noticed a shirt on the picket line:

Never forget

Apparently that’s when the strike started.

Now, I have no reason to believe that Mr. Williams is lying. In fact, he seems to be one of the straightest shooters in this ol’ blogosphere.

But can this possibly be true? Can someone really have made a shirt like that? And can someone really have worn it out in public?

Shame on them and anyone else within a five meter radius.

Williams says he’s going to try to get pictures.

I hope he misread the shirt. I’m not expecting that he did.

UPDATE: Xrlq at damnum absque injuria encountered a similar shirt and writes

Think about that for a minute: one of the largest unions in teh country actually mulled this idea over, debated it, and ultimately concluded that it was a good idea.

Hmmmm. It sounds like he’s saying that they’re basically idiots. Can’t say that I disagree.