Friday Linkzookery – 30 Apr 2010

Sink the Murtha
I had missed the announcement that LPD 26 would be named after John Murtha. That’s ridiculous.

Warrior Pride Ride
A Contribuventure to support America’s wounded veterans.

Army Cancels NLOS-LS Missile System; LCS Implications Could Be Big
The LCS loses its lite alternative to vertical launch tubes.

The Desert One Debacle
A 2006 article by Mark Bowden.

Brown: ‘Get real, we need Trident’
British PM said the threat from countries such as North Korea and Iran meant it was necessary to purchase the like-for-like replacement for the continuous at-sea nuclear deterrent and keep it outside the scope of the strategic defence review.

Marine Corps SR21
Marines looking for a sniper rifle with greater range.

Lines are drawn over plans for Battleship Texas
A group called the Friends of the San Jacinto Battleground claims that the battleship museum detracts from the site and should be moved elsewhere.

How Much Does Society Owe to People Who Don’t Pay Their Debts?
Umm, nothing.

Group: Army symbol is religious, should be changed
A religious watchdog group says a cross and motto on the emblem of an Army hospital in Colorado violate the constitutional requirement for separation of church and state and should be removed.

Military to seek death penalty against Hasan
Couldn’t happen to a nicer guy.

Iowa Shall Issue
With an example of how ridiculous one of their counties operates under the current “may issue” law.

LRO Team Helps Track Laser Signals To Russian Rover Mirror
Bouncing lasers off of Lunokhod 1.

Navy outlines plans to put women in sub crews
First 19 female submariners to be selected this summer. They will all serve on missile boats.

U.K. to repay Iran $650 million for tanks
Payment for 1,500 Chieftains ordered before the overthrow have been frozen since 1979.

Amateur model known as ‘Katya’ revealed as Russian honeytrap bait
Kremlin using hottie to lure critics into compromising positions then posting the goods online.

Gas pipeline probe uncovers shipwrecks in Baltic Sea
Some are believed to be up to 1,000 years old.

Six essential iPhone apps for a zombie attack

Carnival of Homeschooling
Superhero theme this week.

Extra rounds for your shotgun. Seems like it would be a bit heavy up front, though.


  1. It’s interesting that you featured the Desert One Debacle on your Friday Linkzookery, because I actually made a documentary about that a while ago, in an Animated GIF slide-show format.

    You can watch Part 1 here;

    …and Part 2 here;

    In time, I’ll put these on Youtube as videos.

  2. Also, here’s a few thoughts on a couple of your other Friday Linkzookeries;

    LPD-26 John P. Murtha
    Did you SERIOUSLY expect better from the polichickens?

    Marine Corps SR21
    The logical choice is a rifle chambered in .408 CheyTac, or .416 Barret — I predict the Corps will go to the greatest pains imaginable to skirt these two rounds, in favor of one they came-up with themselves.

    Army Cancels NLOS-LS Missile System; LCS Implications Could Be Big
    There was never any point in it to begin with. The already-extent Spike-ER, EFOGM, and even BGM-109 Tomahawk all offered better capabilities for the US Army.

    Apparently, these people didn’t study firearms well enough to know why the Henry Rifle went out-of-style, and the Winchester Rifle took over the market.

  3. Great job Blacktail with your slide-show.

    You hit the nail right on the head.

    Instead of giving the military a mission unhindered by politics and beancounters thaey used military personal as pawns in, as it turns out a deadly game.

    Carter sucked in 1980.

    Obama sucks in 2010.

    1. Let’s just hope that Obama doesn’t get a chance to make himself “leader” of a “rescue” mission before his term is up…

  4. Toejam,
    there is no such thing as a military mission unhindered by politics and beancounters. They have been hand in hand since we started cultivating beans…and fighting over said beans.

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