Gitmo Detainees

Time to start the tribunals… or something

Phil Carter notes a WaPo editorial that argues that the enemy combatant prisoners being held by the US deserve some sort of legal process.

I was just discussing this with someone on Friday. I believe that we need to do what we need to do in order to get the information out of those enemies that we capture. In many cases this will require that we keep them locked away for some time, and often without anyone knowing about it.

That being said, we must be very careful not to cross the line. To fight these enemies, we need to be able to think like them. We need to be able to combat their cowardly, fanatic, unconventional tactics effectively. We need to be able to walk in the shadows in order to learn their secrets and their plans.

But we must not become like them.

We must not become terrorists while fighting the terrorists. We must not relinquish the moral high ground that we’ve done a fairly good job of maintaining so far.

If you play dirty too much, you might have trouble washing your hands afterwords. And, even if you manage to get the dirt off your hands and out from underneath your nails, there will be people who will always remember what you looked like before you washed.

We don’t want that. We can win by playing fair. That includes how we treat our prisoners of war. No matter what we call them.