Boeing F-15K41 fighter notches first flight

At first I thought this might be an F-15SE ‘Silent Eagle’ but it appears to be an upgraded F-15K. What are the upgrades on the K41 model?


  1. So why are we spending a zillion dollars to develop the Joint Strike Fighter that is a less capable aircraft? (Other than the fact that one part will be made in every Congressional district, doubling the price)

    1. Less capable in what respect? Payload and range mean nothing if the aircraft cannot get to the target. Stealth isn’t everything, but when the target is defended, it is a critical aspect. The F-117 was not a “capable” aircraft by standard performance measures carrying as it did only two 2000lb bombs, but it was the ONLY aircraft cleared to “go downtown” over Baghdad during the Gulf War. So, by the only measure that matters, it dropped infinitely more ordnance on the target than other “more capable” aircraft. That is not to say that the F-35 is the greatest thing since sliced bread, but one should not ignore the capabilities it will bring to the fight.

  2. Less capable how?:

    The F-15SE is capable of out running a JSF by over 1,000 mph.

    The F-15SE has significantly greater combat radius and ferry range.

    The F-15SE has almost double the pay-load capacity.

    The stealthiness of the 2 aircraft seem fairly similar.

    1. I only ask the justification for your last statement on the relative stealthiness. The basic F-15 is as big as a barn door radar-reflector-wise and I doubt very much that the limited treatment of the SE upgrade gets it to within spitting distance of the F-35. I am prepared to be proven wrong, however.

      1. I hope that the radar profile info / stealthiness of the aircraft is not floating around the internet to settle that question.

        The F-15 is a bigger plane and not carrier qualified. But there is a V/STOL prototype out there and I bet Boeing would be glad to develop a carrier version for far less than the JSF price tag.

  3. Haven’t found anything on this being an upgrade of the F-15K. It looks like it may be a reporting issue since this is the first F-15K on the new contract (Next Fighter II) but is the 41st F-15K (thus F-15K41) delivered (40 delivered under Next Fighter I.)

  4. Stealth and the f-35 mission are often confused. First off there are only a very few places on earth where a f-15 could not get to due to unacceptable loss rates. China facing Taiwan and a few places in Russia. That said if it came to a fight between a f-15 and a f-35 the f-15 would win every encounter. The primary reason for this is that the f-35 is a light bomber and it’s avionics is not programed for air to air combat. (that is a planned upgrade to happen fy18-20 assuming the programing bugs are worked out.)

    In actual combat roles the f-35 is rapidly running out of missions, as UCAVS are taking over the light bomber/strike missions. As it now stands a day one strike would include f-22’s b-2’s, predator C’s, backed up long range strikes from B-52 and B-1’s. After the initial carnage the second rank fighters would sweep in.

    The only thing the F-35 has going for it is a massive political pork barrel. If it was not for this feeding frenzy and the too big tom fail aspect of the program it would of collapsed under the weight of it’s own contradictions.

    Oh yea, it’s stealth sucks too.

    1. In actual combat roles the f-35 is rapidly running out of missions, as UCAVS are taking over the light bomber/strike missions.

      I think this is a huge concern. As the program keeps getting delayed, the UAVs are advancing at light speed. It almost doesn’t even matter what the F-35 costs, by the time they’re in service they’re not going to be the best plane for the mission.

  5. The F-35 is supposed to cost $60-80 million dollars. A F-15SE will cost well over $100 million.

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