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Ex-student admits to aiding al-Qaida

A former college student in New York admitted in court he conspired to help al-Qaida get what prosecutors described as military gear.

The admission by former Brooklyn College student Syed Hashmi, 30, was part of a plea agreement reached the day before he was to go to trial Wednesday in U.S. District Court in New York on charges of conspiring with others to provide the terrorist group with military items to be used against U.S. forces in Afghanistan, The New York Times reported.

15 years in prison for the former Pakistani. Three other charges were dropped as part of the deal.


  1. It’s especially interesting that he’s described as a “…former Pakistani”, but NOT as a “former American”.

    Aside from his prison sentence, why keep him?

  2. Isn’t treason a capital offense? I’m sure 15 year jail sentences will discourage all future conspirators.

  3. Treason is hard to prove. If the USA thought he was going to get more from a deal, it makes sense to get him 15 years (which is a long time).

  4. Well I don’t understand how trials really work.

    But it seems to me that if the US dropped 3 of 4 charges the defense had some good arrows in their quiver.

    Then again, if trading your defense case for 15 years in the pen was your least-worst option, you were pretty far up sh!t creek to start with.

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