Twilight:2000 Cheap

Happened to notice that PDFs of the entire run of first edition the Twilight:2000 role playing game are available for only $40 at RPGNow.

For five years the armies of the world have fought back and forth across Europe. Three years ago the missiles started flying. Most countries were hit hard in the nuclear exchange, but no one had a decisive advantage, and the war went on. Tanks began breaking down, and the supply of spare parts gradually dwindled to zero. The sophisticated artillery weapons have shot off all of their ammo and no one is capable of producing any more. Divisions which have started with 20,000 men are lucky to put 2,000 in the field.

But the war goes on.

You are part of the remnants of the leading division of NATO’s last drive into central Poland. There isn’t much in the way of an organized military force left on either side. Local warlords, militia and murderous bands of marauding deserters rule the countryside. Your division has been overrun. Your group is hundreds of kilometers from the nearest friendlies.

The last message from Division HQ read: GOOD LUCK. YOU’RE ON YOUR OWN.

Now what do you do?

I had this game and a number of supplements back in the 80s, though we never got to play it much. My recollection is that the hardware side of things (weapons, vehicles, gear) was pretty good.


  1. I was shocked, shocked, to discover that nearly every roleplaying game I ever wanted is available on torrent sites. I may have accidentally downloaded 25 gigs of games last week.

  2. Weird to think that the strange and terrible future of a third world war and the near collapse of western civilization was ten years ago.

  3. Holy. Phucking. Sh!t.

    I can’t even tell you how many hours I played that game (actually it was my game so I ref’ed).

    It was weird to be a soldier a few years later, drive the vehicles and shoot the weapons for real.

    Weirder still to marry a woman from Poland. I was going through some old junk one day and found the game map that came with the original GDW boxed set (as pictured). She got a laugh out of it. Was nice to hear though how those cities are supposed to be pronounced.

  4. I always remember that the odd thing about Twilight 2000 was that in first edition, assault rifle magazines had a clips that topped out at 5 rounds.

    My favorite was the module dealing with the USS Constitution.

  5. I still have my originals! I even converted it to two editions of GURPS. The “5 shot clip” issue was from each “shot” being three rounds of ammo. An M16A2 had a 10 shot clip, by the way.

    Airlords of the Ozarks is my favorite module.

  6. I never actually played 2000, my friends back in the day weren’t into gritty realistic war scenarios. They were into un-gritty, un-realistic fantasy scenarios. I did manage to convince them to do a Traveller campaign, which turned out well. GDW had some good games. I was especially impressed with Space: 1889, but that came out as I was pretty much getting out of rpgs.

    1. Yeah I dabbled in Traveller: 2300 which I understand was not precisely the same product as Traveller.

      I liked that it built on the Twilight: 2000 narrative, but as with you and Space: 1889, I was pretty much out of gaming by the time I got round to Traveller.

      First RPG I bought I think was TSR’s “Star Frontiers”. I recall it read “Alpha Dawn” on the box, so it musta been ca 1983. I woulda been 11, mebbe 12.

  7. I had most of the modules. My favorite RPG was the original Traveler, and I had most of the board games as well, along with Striker (the landwar game).

    GDW’s Team Yankee series combat system wassupposed to be loosely based on the T2000’s as well. I spent a lot of hours playing that game as well.

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