Putin praises new Kalashnikov assault rifle

State tests of a new model of the Kalashnikov assault rifle, or AK, will be held in Russia next year, media reports said on Wednesday. Meanwhile, Russian security forces have already signaled their readiness to purchase the sophisticated AK-200, which, experts said, will be based on the AK-74 version.

It will apparently be lighter than the current models. Also noted is a standard 60-round magazine.

UPDATEL More AK news: Venezuela plant to make 50 million Kalashnikov rounds annually


  1. So…bullpup? That article was light on details and heavy on fanfare, though I guess that’s what you get from a press release.

    I’m not sure a modernized version of a modernized version of a sixty three year old design can be cutting edge, no matter what they do to it. I mean, the EBR is an updated version of the M14, which is an updated version of the Garand. But the military isn’t crowing that it is the next greatest thing either. It’s a stopgap, no matter how much we love the M14.

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