Stryker takes an RPG, keeps on ticking

Pair of Stryker vehicles come under fire in Iraq

A Stryker vehicle was hit by an Iraqi rocket propelled grenade (RPG) on Friday. Although a hose in the engine compartment was cut, as was the vehicle commander’s face, the Stryker kept on driving.

The RPG did not hit the slat armor added to the vehicles specifically to ward off armor-piercing RPG warheads. It hit the hull of the Stryker, above the slats on the right side.

The grenade was fired from close range – less than 300 feet – and struck above the cage at the front of the Stryker, battalion officials said. Photographs of the damage showed finger-sized holes near the hinge of the armored hatch that covers the engine compartment.

Crew members had headaches after the blast, but drove the vehicle out of danger, said 1st Sgt. Mike Hurtado of the company.

“The vehicle was drivable. We drove it around in an attempt to pursue the enemy,” said company commander Capt. A.J. Newtson.

It was another half-hour or so before they realized one of the engine hoses had been cut, so they stopped driving it to avoid further damage and later towed it to their base camp in central Mosul, he said.

Well, not only did the Stryker and it’s crew survive, it was a hull hit and it was still drivable. Not the end of the controversy, of course, but encouraging.