‘You don’t win wars by making people feel that we are not going to press the fight’

‘Black Hawk Down’ Commander On Winning The War on Terror

Col. (Ret.) Danny R. McKnight:

We are trying to be too kind and gentle in our approach, suggesting to the world – friends and enemies – that we don’t need to use our military might to defend ourselves and our interests. We are trying to rely too much on negotiating and compromising and trying to convince the world that we are not the preeminent military force in the world to be reckoned with.

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  1. You also don’t win wars by throwing open your nation to the brethren and supporters of the folks you are fighting. Just read about the Diversity Lotto and ask yourself if this makes sense.

    1. No argument here. FWIW, I don’t know why we use that lottery for anyone form anywhere when we’ve got skilled people waiting.

  2. General Patton had the right idea.

    “May God have mercy upon my enemies, because I won’t.”


  3. “[T]he preeminent military force in the world to be reckoned with”.

    Actually, that isn’t true per head, and in all up numbers terms it isn’t true as compared with countries (like China) that have far larger numbers and a slightly lower level of technology, skills, etc. It’s only true as compared with other advanced countries (which are often better per head, as they can be more selective about who they recruit) and with seriously under-developed ones.

  4. Your English is a little rough there. You mean per capita? Since China has a larger number of people under arms she could be considered more “preeminent?”

    If that was your point, you’re probably still wrong. The technological edge the US maintains is so nearly absolute that it would take massive numbers to overcome them. China just might have those numbers, but I doubt it. The human wave didn’t work too well for them in Korea, I doubt it would do much better now. Not to mention our ground forces are battle experienced now from over almost ten years of fighting. I know about the Rand report that said they could overcome a joint U.S./Taiwan defense of the Taiwan islands through sheer numbers of fighters and missiles, I just kind of doubt it. Older fighters like the Mig 21 still make up the vast bulk of their air fleet, and they would be a turkey shoot for even our legacy fighter fleet, never mind the Raptor.

  5. “Many people think the only mission we did there was the Oct. 3-4 mission,” says McKnight. “That was number seven. There has not been enough said about the other six.”

    The (Br)asshats saw fit to perform the same, identical mission SEVEN times in a row — giving the enemy an easily-predicted pattern to follow;

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