It was a Fortress Coming Home

No need for the red flares. All who saw this Fort knew there was death aboard.

15 October, 1944:

Crippled B-17

It had been a direct hit in the nose. Killed instantly was the togglier, Abbott. Navigator LeDoux, only three feet behind Abbott, was knocked unconscious for a moment, but was miraculously was alive.

Although stunned and bleeding, LeDoux made his way to the cockpit to find the two pilots struggling to maintain control of an airplane that by all rights should have been in its death plunge.

How on earth did those guys get this plane home?


  1. You should read the one about the B17 that skipped over the English channel. On 1 Engine, they bounced it 3 times on the water then landed at a fighter base near Dover…

    1. pic of a B-17 that a Me-109 flew through.

      I’ll bet that made a heckuva racket. I assume the Me-109 was destroyed. Did the fighter pilot make it out?

  2. How did that 50 stay attached? It looks like it is only hanging on by a small flap of metal.

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